Dry Grit Sand

Also known as sharp sand, for its distinctively sharper more angular grains, Marshalls dry-screened grit sand is a versatile product ideal for a wide variety of construction applications such as laying paving flags or block paving, screeding and facilitating effective drainage. Grit sand undergoes a meticulous screening process, separating larger particles from the smaller ones, ensuring consistency across the product, and when mixed with water forms a durable concrete, making it a staple in construction projects.

Sourced from our Howley Park quarry in Leeds, grit sand can be delivered directly to your site or collected by arrangement. All Marshalls sands and aggregates are produced to British Standard requirements or better.

  • Consistent quality and durability
  • Produces effective mortar for laying paving flags
  • Bulk Deliveries
  • Available for collection



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