Glenwall brick range

Our Glenwall range of concrete facing bricks redefines traditional building materials with a low-carbon footprint, when compared to clay facing bricks, offering a sustainable solution without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Crafted with a distinctive rusticated texture, Glenwall bricks add depth and character to any architectural project. Available in four classic colours, each brick is a testament to durability and design, ensuring your vision stands the test of time

Locking in carbon

What sets Glenwall apart is its integration of CarbonCure Technologies. Waste CO2 is directly injected into the concrete mix during production, causing the CO2 to mineralise and become permanently locked into the brick, preventing its release into the atmosphere, even when it is demolished. All of this is done right here at our UK site, in Grove, ensuring quick delivery times, whilst keeping lorry miles and emissions to a minimum.

Glenwall Half Bond Stack Facing Brick

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