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Brick Collection

Creating desirable and sustainable architecture requires vision and imagination and our goal is to provide a suit of facing bricks that allows our customers the choice to do just that.
We want our facing bricks to help facilitate change whilst providing choice to those designing commercial and domestic settings.
The Kingsvale range not only unites innovation and sustainability, it helps us to deliver on that promise to create a robust range of concrete facing bricks. Providing different brick textures, finishes, and colours to help aid our customer’s creativity and vision to build desirable and sustainable architecture.

From traditional red bricks and buff bricks, to more contemporary facing brick colours, such as grey bricks and white bricks, the creased aesthetic of the Kingsvale range is sure to provide a distinctive brick fa├žade wherever it is used.

Use our on-line visualiser tool to see how changing the laying pattern and colour of mortar can help create brick textures that appear seamless or purposefully contrast for bold designs.

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