Modal X paving

Modal X

Modal X paving


Modal X paving offers an alternative to traditional granite paving, providing a cost-effective and sustainable choice for any commercial application with pedestrianised and high traffic areas.

With a choice of eight colours, fifteen plan sizes, five depths, two finishes and permeable options Modal X offers limitless design flexibility and possibilities.

Manufactured in Britain using our cutting-edge dual block machine at St Ives, it provides a low carbon alternative to granite for any project.

Modal X

Made in Britain

Extensive permeable paving options available

15 versatile paving sizes in 5 different depths

Wide colour palette
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Maximise the potential for every project

Modal X is produced locally in Britain, employing the state-of-the-art Marshalls MaxiMix Technology™. This process is specifically crafted to secure the colour and protect the paver from the elements. Our meticulous combination of premium aggregates results in a surface layer that is both inseparably bonded and exceptionally durable, demonstrating resilience over time.

MaxiMix seamlessly integrates durability with innovative surface technology, distinguishing Modal X not only as a premium paver but also rendering it more resistant to UV fading and damage caused by varying weather conditions. Experience the perfect union of quality British manufacturing and advanced technology, ensuring that Modal X not only stands the test of time but also enhances your outdoor spaces with lasting vibrancy and resilience.

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