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telescopic bollards on a driveway

Removable bollards from Marshalls

Removable bollards provide the perfect balance of accessibility and security.

From telescopic styles to lock and lift options that can be removed completely, the Marshalls range offers plenty of choice to meet both practical and aesthetic requirements.

For sturdy, stylish barriers that can be easily removed, choose a low maintenance 316L stainless steel removable bollard with lift and lock fixings. These are available with flat or mitred top and the option of integral wired lighting.

Ferrocast bollards, manufactured from high-quality polyurethane and cast around an internal steel core, offer increased strength and long-lasting performance. They’re an ideal low-maintenance option, thanks to the robust non-ferrous exterior.

Many of Marshalls’ removable bollards are available in co-ordinating static bollard styles and barriers, to create visual consistency across any scheme.

Ideal for forecourts, car parks and shop fronts, removable bollards are available for any project. Browse the full range now.

Products (42)

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