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Marshalls Design Team offers a range of design support. Working in partnership with specifiers, designers, engineers and contractors, offering ideas and design solutions to help deliver aesthetic, practical and cost effective landscaping projects.

All design work carried out by Marshalls is completed by our in house Design Team which comprises of experienced and qualified Architects, Engineers & Technicians.

The Design Team also achieves BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for Quality Management (third party audited and accredited by BSI).




Under the Flood & Water Management Act all new developments have to consider Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems. With traditional draining infrastrutcure close to capacity, the demand for SUDs solutions is increasing.


✔  Current legislation

✔  Hydraulic requirements (Micro Drainage software)

✔  Structural requirements 

✔  Aggregate specifications

✔  Value engineering

✔  With all of the above considered in relation to local data; intended application, ground conditions and local climate.




Permeable Paving design

Block paving

Bespoke Natural Stone Design

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The versatility of Natural Stone allows designers to create bespoke features and detailing. Using a single material to weave together the horizontal and vertical fabric of a landscape. Involving Marshalls design team early in the project can help modularise the build and reduce cost through taking out any on site complexity during installation any secondary processing required. A service that also assists clients in compliance with CDM regulations by reducing on site cutting.

We Can Help With

✔  Unique paving designs and advanced shapes
✔  Feature step details: radial, faceted and straight
✔  Detailed Manufacturing drawings/build by numbers
✔  Conceptual 3D simulation of the scheme.


Landscape design


Product selection and design detailing together form the identity of a landscape. Character and identity are achieved through attention to detail.

Detailed plan layouts can be produced to help clients visualise detailing and bespoke features.


✔  Layout designs (including bespoke work)

✔  Bond patterns

✔  Edge restraints

✔  Installation detailing

✔  Radial/Splay cuts/ detailing

✔  Step Design

✔  Inlaid feature design




Landscape Design

Street furniture in the park

Linear Drainage Design



Landscape drainage design


Whether it's a new or existing Linear Drainage design, Marshalls are able to provide detailed drawings and pland in order to assist with value engineering . The tream can also provide a full components schedule split by run to ease delivery and installtion.


✔ Product Suitabiltiy 

✔  Hydraulic design (for low rates)

✔  Layout Design

✔  Run details (installation elevations)

✔  Schedule of components (Bill of materials)

✔  Techincal support

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