A snapshot of the history of Marshalls

In the 1890s, a man called Solomon Marshall founded a small company in the heart Yorkshire; a company whose founding members believed in contributing to the community in which they lived and worked. A company that worked hard to provide superior and innovative products to its customers, never compromising on quality or safety. A few years later, in 1904 a limited company was formed called Marshalls and Sons.

Fast forward to the 1950s and we began creating bespoke Marshalls wet presses, followed by the opening of our in-house testing laboratory in 1961. In 1974 we introduced block paving to the UK, and this remains the most popular option for residential driveways.

In 1990 we supplied stone to Islington, giving us the accolade of supplying every location on the Monopoly Board. We even created a special edition of ‘Marshalls Monopoly Board’ to mark the occasion.

In more recent years, we’ve broadened our portfolio and expanded our divisions by acquiring businesses such as Stonemarket, Edenhall, CPM. Our most recent acquisition is Marley, read more about this below.

Across every period we’ve remained true to the original principles of our founder, we’ve worked tirelessly to operate in the most ethical and sustainable way and recognise that we can create better spaces by putting people, communities and the environment first.

Marley acquisition

In April 2022, we acquired Marley. A leader in the manufacture and supply of pitched roof systems, Marley is the perfect fit for Marshalls.

Like Marshalls, Marley has a rich history and depth of expertise. The Marley Tile Company was founded in 1924 by Owen Aisher, who is responsible for the development of concrete roof tiles in Britain in response to the short supply of roofing materials following WW1. Today they are a UK leader in their field, manufacturing products such as concrete and clay roof tiles, roof fittings, timber battens, roof-integrated solar panels and roofing accessories.

As we continue with our integration programme to bring Marley into the Marshalls group, the majority of information on this site remains focussed on Marshalls only.  

For further information on Marley, please visit their website.

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