Reducing our impact on the environment

The way we make and get our products to our customers is an area of focus for us. We have a great track record in trying to minimise our impact on the environment and this extends to our product mixes and packaging.

It's true that we use plastic packaging when storing and transporting our products, and that's because we need to ensure the health and safety of our team and others. However, we've done a great deal to reduce the use of plastic and have put into place new innovative solutions. We continue to work on reducing the use of non-essential plastic for ourselves and for our customers.

We manage our waste responsibly and we reuse timber pallets. We recycle and harvest water, and use recycled materials in our manufacturing processes. And it doesn’t stop there – for a number of years, we’ve been reducing the amount of cement in some of our concrete products, using recycled materials and trialling different mixes to lower our product carbon footprints.

Looking for the sustainability credentials of our products? You'll find these in our EPD library

Our key achievements

  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
  • Cement replacement programme for concrete products
  • Using CarbonCure technology to sequester carbon in our products
  • Permeable paving products to alleviate impact of flooding
  • Supply Chain Sustainability School Gold member

Our priorities

  • Reducing plastic packaging
  • Using recycled materials in products
  • Product carbon footprint reduction programme
  • Re-accreditation to Responsible Sourcing standard for our concrete and clay products
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