Developing our colleagues to be the best they can be is a priority for Marshalls. We understand that equipped with the right skills and tools, it's our people who deliver the amazing successes of the business we’re proud of.

We also know that managers and leaders play a key role in building a high-performance culture where colleagues can strive. Therefore, in addition to development provided by our dedicated Learning and Leadership Development team, we have also partnered with Instep to deliver highest quality leadership training that provides skills and tools, as well as a nationally recognised apprenticeship qualification. We have a suite of programmes in place that support our leaders at all levels, read on for more...


Gateway to management

Designed to support colleagues who are not line managers yet but have the ambition of becoming one. The development offered by the training provider comes with Marshalls' commitment to provide opportunities to gain experience in leading people while learning.


Essentials of management

We’re running this programme specifically for first time leaders to support their growth and develop in role. It offers the opportunity of applying classroom learning in the workplace.


Emerging leaders

This programme is for middle-managers with experience and practice in managing people who want to deepen their leadership skills. It's a blended learning programme combining workshop-based learning, self-study, peer learning and project work for best results.


Senior strategic leaders programme

Delivered in partnership with Cranfield University this programme provides academic depth thinking coupled with highly tailored experiential learning for those aspiring to be the future leaders of our business.


Colleague development 

Our colleagues are telling us in employee surveys that they value development and are hungry for learning. This is why we’ve developed a keen focus on colleague development, starting with the Accelerate programme. It is delivered by in-house experts and offers reflection time, toolkits, and skills to proactively drive learning and development forward.



At Marshalls we also value learning from our more experienced colleagues. This is why we have set up a mentoring network where colleagues can volunteer to mentor others or look for support from an expert in the specific area they want to develop.

What our colleagues are saying

Martin Newham, PRC Team Leader on the Gateway to Management Programme

"I started working at Marshalls in the Credit Services team as an administrator, before moving to the finance accounting function. As I was new to management in my current role, the opportunity arose for me to start an apprenticeship which would help broaden my management knowledge and skills. A benefit of the apprenticeship is that it allows you to put into practice new skills in real life situations. It helped me understand what type of manager I was and where I had weaknesses - which in the long term should help me become a better manager. The apprenticeship really helped me develop as a manager and gave me functional tools, not just theory, that I could use in my day-to-day work. I have learnt how to build a high performing team and how to get the best out of them. I’ve also improved my planning and project management skills."

Martin Newham
PRC Team Leader
Liam Dennis, Operations Team Manager on the Essentials of Management programme
"It was an insightful and inspiring programme, from start to finish. This apprenticeship has given me a great understanding of how I should manage my own team. The modules were made enjoyable by our enthusiastic course leader and were presented in a light-hearted and informal setting. The theoretical coursework was demanding at times, but I was supported throughout by my encouraging tutor. The fundamental skills and knowledge that I’ve gained along the way will be invaluable to me as I progress through my career in management."
Liam Dennis
Operations Team Manager
Kyle Adamson, Group Technical Manager on the Emerging Leaders programme

"I started working for Marshalls in 2014 as a Technician, I have had four career progressions since then and am now Group Technical Manager. Alongside my career progression, I have continued to study to continuously develop my skills. The apprenticeships have been a real platform for my knowledge and understanding to grow and due to the nature of the Marshalls based learning it gives a real insight into the Operation Management process. I was even lucky enough to win an award based on my Level 3 which is great to add to the portfolio. I was sceptical about being an apprentice in my early 30’s, but I am now signed up to do a Level 7 - I’ve been proven very wrong. For me, the benefit to the apprenticeships I have completed is that they are relatable and feel they add value to not only my current role, but my learning and career overall. Another positive is that you can complete the work within your paid hours."

Kyle Adamson
Group Technical Manager
Alice Turner, Head of Product & Campaign Marketing on the Senior Strategic Leaders programme

“Choosing a Leadership and Management apprenticeship was a strategic decision for me. I saw it as a unique opportunity to learn whilst gaining practical experience aligned to my current role and future career ambitions. I'd wholeheartedly recommend apprenticeships to others for the transformative blend of hands-on learning, financial stability through earning, and invaluable mentorship. The practical experience gained is directly applicable to the real world, giving a head start in the workforce. It's an efficient pathway into a fulfilling career, offering a unique balance of education and practical skills. The mentorship component ensures personalised guidance, accelerating both professional and personal growth. My top three skills that I’ve gained from my development and learning journey are adaptability, communication, and continuous learning. I have embraced a mindset of lifelong learning, which has been transformative.”

Alice Turner
Head of Product & Campaign Marketing
Jennifer Brickely, Line Manager speaking about colleague development
"My team really enjoyed it, it opened up their thinking as to how they can develop. They came back with a very proactive perspective on how they can get the development that they need and that there are so many more opportunities open to them than they realised. They're suggesting new projects they would like to initiate that will develop their skills."
Jennifer Brickely
Line Manager
Clare Bland, National Operations Manager speaking about our mentoring programme
"Mentoring is a great way to use experience and knowledge in a way that directly benefits others. It’s the perfect opportunity to draw upon these experiences from a present-day perspective and use them to help steer and support others on their own career journey. This has personally given me the opportunity to reflect on my own hurdles, what they have taught me and how this influences me in the present. Mentoring can sometimes happen most naturally within departments between line managers and direct reports, I have found it so rewarding to also act as a mentor to colleagues outside of my business unit. This has given me the opportunity to not only grow my network but also gain deeper insight into the wider group and areas to which I may never have had the opportunity to be connected. The real motivation for me to be a mentor is to be a part of a colleague’s growth and success.”
Clare Bland
National Operations Manager
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