Our teams and functions

Our operations are organised into three market-leading divisions: Marshalls Landscape Products, Marshalls Building Products, and Marley Roofing Products. With Marshalls Landscape Products we manufacturer high-quality natural stone and innovative concrete hard landscaping products. We cater to the construction, home improvement, and landscape markets, offering superior solutions. Meanwhile, Marshalls Building Products serves as a reliable supplier of concrete drainage products, concrete bricks, ready-to-use mortars, and aggregates. As for Marley Roofing Products, we manufacture and supply pitched roofing systems. Our product range includes clay and concrete tiles, timber battens, roof-integrated solar solutions, and various roofing accessories. Although divisional, we work as one Marshalls team, through our supporting functions on and off site. Dive in, and find out more about our teams below…


Our dynamic and results-driven sales professionals are at the forefront of transforming opportunities into success stories. With a customer-centric approach, our team is dedicated to understanding the unique needs of each client, providing tailored solutions that go beyond expectations. At Marshalls, we believe in fostering enduring relationships, and our sales experts are skilled at building trust through clear communication.


Our marketing team are the champions of the Marshalls brand and they use this to showcase our diverse product ranges and bespoke services, whilst bringing new innovations to market. Armed with an in-depth understanding of our target audiences, we’re focused on delivering engaging campaigns, successful events, digital marketing innovation and strategic communications — we’re the creative force supporting our position as one of the market leaders.


Manufacturing is at the heart of our operation, it's where we create our leading landscaping, building and roofing products that help our customers to create better places. We invest in our people, processes, and plants to ensure we continue to push the boundaries within our sector.


Our engineering experts are the powerhouses that keep our machines running smoothly and create custom design solutions for customers. The teams specialise in maintenance, machining, fitting and installation, electrical and software development, technical drawing and design, and project management. We’re committed to implementing best practices in care and maintenance, driven by the creation of innovative technical solutions.

Operational Planning

Operational planning links many areas of our business together. Using internal and external forecast information, business plans, site based and people data, our team works collaboratively across the business to gather information and insight to optimise our manufacturing plans and inventory levels. We do this so we have the right product, in the right place, at the right time. This ensures we meet the needs of all our customers and supports the ongoing growth of our business.

Enterprise Project Management Office

Our Enterprise Project Management Office oversees and optimise the management of projects across the business. The team plays a crucial role in standardising project management practices, ensuring business objectives are aligned, and that we’re focussed on working collaboratively.

Human Resources

Our people are what set us apart and we’re proud of that. Our HR team is passionate about cultivating a thriving work environment, and we're delighted to be the guardians of our behaviours, The Marshalls Way. We seek and nurture talent and foster a culture of growth. We’re not the rule book; rather, a support system to navigate challenges and success with transparent communication channels steering us toward shared goals.


Our approach to sustainability spreads across our three key strategic priorities of better workplace, better world and better product, and we have specialists across the business who are driving us forward. From product sustainability, to improving our own approach to circularity and low carbon, we all recognise that we can create better net positive futures by putting our people, our communities, and our environment first.


Our primary objective is to create a comprehensive digital transformation by offering an end-to-end digital experience, seamlessly integrating all aspects of our business into a cohesive digital ecosystem. We’re committed to pioneering a new digital standard within our industry, aiming for innovation and leadership in this evolving landscape. Recognising the critical importance of cybersecurity, we’re dedicated to mitigating risks by intensifying our focus on cyber controls, fortifying our overall security posture in this digital era.


With a hub of activity, the finance team supports the business with everything from expense claims through to major investment projects, audits, forecasting and working capital management. We transform information into insights to ensure great decisions, make sure financial controls are in place, and ensure reporting is accurate and timely.

Health & Safety

The Marshalls Health and Safety team aims to ensure the best standard of health, safety, and wellbeing for all our employees. The team are change agents who develop and promote a proactive health and safety culture in line with our strategy. We review corporate activities to determine where improvements can be made and ensure compliance with health and safety legislation.


Our Facilities and Group Property teams look after the company’s land and properties. We have a significant number of developments and sites across the UK, which include manufacturing facilities, quarries, offices, houses, and agricultural land. We manage the portfolio to preserve and enhance value where possible and ensure that sites are fit for operational requirements.


We deliver top-notch value, quality, and ethically sourced, sustainable products across our global supply chain - a mighty team that leaves no stone unturned, buying thousands of diverse items and services. From raw materials to traded goods, our reach spans every corner of the business, ensuring excellence.


Our in-house legal team serves the legal needs of the business across all areas, from mergers and acquisitions to queries and issues. In addition, we’re responsible for governance, compliance and other matters associated with our listed company status, Marshalls plc.


We’re known for our high-quality products and materials, and this is down to the teams that oversee technical, quality, innovation, and materials development. We play a vital role in ensuring the compliance of our products, and strive to surpass our customers' expectations. Our teams foster future innovation and growth through the development and testing of new products, as well as sustainable improvements to existing ones.

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