Delivering our strategic growth objectives

Eight growth pillars

  • Brand preference for product
  • Logistics excellence
  • Sustainable materials supply
  • Customer centricity
  • Operational excellence
  • Innovation and new product development
  • Growth in the emerging business
  • Digital transformation

Six corporate pillars

  • Shareholder value
  • Sustainable profitability
  • Relationship building
  • Organic expansion
  • Brand development
  • Effective capital structure and control framework

Our vision

Our vision is to create better spaces and futures for everyone; socially, environmentally and economically.

Our mission

Our continuing mission is to deliver sustainable growth through a brand that drives customer specification of innovative product solutions for the built environment.

Strategic Priorities

  • Brand preference for product specification
  • Logistics excellence
  • Sustainable materials supply
  • Customer centricity
  • Operational excellence
  • Innovation & new product development
  • Growth in the emerging businesses
  • Digital transformation

Developing strategy

The impact of COVID-19 has presented many challenges, but we remain confident that our strategy is the right one, with built-in flexibility such that the pace of delivery can be adjusted for external uncertainties. We remain committed to the 2025 Strategy as our driver for growth.

Brand preference for product specification

We aim to create product specifications by using our strong brand, communicating well with our customer segments and early involvements in any project
Our objectives
• To secure product specification by building relationships with consumers, developers, builders and architects
• To increase the project pipeline and conversion through our leading service and solutions offer
• To develop the brand to support our market leading position
• To build brand preference through NPD, marketing and innovation
What we have achieved
• Strong relationships with key stakeholders
• Internal restructuring, and our development programme has strengthened opportunities with architects and designers
• Improved process mapping and measurement
• Process improvements using artificial intelligence
How Marley integrates and provides more opportunity
• Leveraging lead generation and digitalisation
• Marley is the preferred specification brand in roofing
• Opportunities to leverage Marshalls’ ESG credentials across the Marley brand
• Wider utilisation of Marshalls’ network and technical expertise for cement replacement
Future priorities
• To increase our range of innovative and sustainable products
• To target greater penetration of all market sectors
• To develop marketing and new skills into the process
• To develop KPIs to ensure consistent measures and to drive performance
• To launch apps to help customers better visualise their landscaping projects

Logistics excellence

We put customer wants and needs first with direct, informed and professional deliveries
Our objectives
• To deliver logistics excellence and provide outstanding customer satisfaction
• To use lower emission vehicles and new technologies across the full fleet
• To increase the efficiency across the enlarged network
What we have achieved
• New Group Transport Management System now live
• Fleet of over 230 vehicles with a broad range of capability
• MPA award for safer transport and logistics
How Marley integrates and provides more opportunity
​• Opportunity to share best practice in systems and processes
• Increased flexibility and opportunity to improve utilisation across the enlarged Group
Future Priorities
• To optimise our delivery systems and processes
• To ensure we continue to attract and retain HGV drivers
• To reduce transportation costs

Sustainable materials supply

We source and supply sustainable materials, products and solutions
Our objectives
•To create a sustainable and ethical supply chain
• To meet our ESG commitments by reducing embedded carbon
• To ensure consistent availability of raw materials
What we have achieved
•Significant progress with our cement-free mix design development
• Alternative sourcing now embedded in the supply chain
• Centralised procurement team
• Embedded ethics, human rights and environmental commitments
How Marley integrates and provides more opportunity
​• Synergy opportunities in procurement to reduce cost and consistency of supply
• Opportunities for leverage on the basis of increased scale
Future Priorities
•To establish new sources of key materials
• To prioritise carbon reduction programmes and cost reduction
• To reduce the reliance on cement
• To strengthen reliance on UK materials sourcing

Customer centricity

We want to have the best customer experience in the buildings material industry
Our objectives
• To grow the business by providing outstanding customer service
• To improve the customer experience and the ease of doing business
• To support the Group’s brand leadership
• To increase the use of digital communication
What we have achieved
• KPI dashboard developed and driving improvement activity
• Development of email automation software to improve efficiency
• Customer centricity embedded in the logistics operation
• Reduction in quality complaints
• Launched digital survey tools to better understand our customer order experiences
How Marley integrates and provides more opportunity
• Opportunity to align processes to improve efficiency and reduce cost
• Potential to widen the use of digitilisation
• Opportunity to align and simplify price and quotation processes
• Opportunity to streamline complaint handling across both businesses
Future Priorities
• To embed our “customer centric” culture
• To improve our customer experience dashboard and streamline KPIs
• To use further automation to improve order processing efficiency
• To launch a fully integrated ticketing system to manage queues

Operational excellence

We invest in our manufacturing facilities and industrial network and use the best tools, processes and systems
Our objectives
• To effectively manage our cost base and add value
• To provide market leading facilities, products and services
• To improve competitive advantage by developing new ways of working
• To deliver the D365 cloud-based system implementation
What we have achieved
• Commissioning of dual block plant at St. Ives nearing completion
• Continual development of manufacturing network to improve operational efficiency
• Simplification of processes utilising Marshalls’ Enterprise Project Management Office
• Quality improvement programme and ongoing reduction in waste
How Marley integrates and provides more opportunity
​•Opportunity for further efficiency gains by simplification of enlarged network
• Standardisation of policies and procedures to improve health and safety processes and reduce risk
Future Priorities
• To improve asset utilisation efficiency across the enlarged Group
• To improve workforce skills and attract and retain the best people
• To reduce rectification and maintain quality standards

Innovation and new product development

We deliver market leading product innovation
Our objectives
  • To develop new innovative products that will deliver growth
  • To deliver new products that help secure specification
  • To focus on ESG opportunities in NPD
  • To develop best-in-class facilities, processes and products
What we have achieved
  • New dual block plant at St. Ives will add additional face mix lines and advanced secondary processing
  • Launch of Lunar product range utilising dual block plant
  • New Civils and Drainage products developed for 2023 production
  • New Bricks and Masonry products launched
How Marley integrates and provides more opportunity
​•  Opportunity to align systems and processes to improve efficiency
• Opportunity to share resources and expertise
Future Priorities
  • To complete Landscape Products range review
  • To focus on opportunities that reduce embedded carbon
  • To investigate embedding technology/sensors into selective products

Growth in emerging businesses

We make selective acquisitions to complement our business and help us advance into new and untapped areas
Our Objectives
• To ensure all businesses are set up to achieve sustainable growth
• To expand into further growth areas
• To deliver margin growth
• To develop the product ranges and increase market share
What we have achieved
• Improved business processes in Civils and Drainage
• Bricks and Masonry gaining greater leverage from the Marshalls brand
• building Products incorporated into the new segmental reporting structure
How Marley integrates and provides more opportunity
• Opportunity for efficiency gains by utilising the enlarged network
• Sharing of best practice and process improvement opportunities
Future Priorities
  • Continue of sales and profit growth plans
  • To develop of service offer
  • To improve operational efficiency

Digital Transformation

We are continuing to invest in digital and forward-thinking technology
Our Objectives
  • To provide an end-to-end digital offering 
  • To pioneer the digital standard for the industry 
  • To move to B2B digital trading wherever possible 
  • To move ERP system to the cloud – complete D365 implementation
What we have achieved
  • Progressed electronic trading project with chosen EDI partner 
  • Mobile app developed for Mortars and Screeds business 
  • Launch of “Dropship” with a major customer 
  • D365 project in progress 
  • Launched data literacy programmes across all business functions
How Marley integrates and provides more opportunity
​• Opportunity to align processes and controls to improve efficiency and reduce risk
• Opportunity to reduce risk by enhancing focus on cyber controls
Future Priorities
  • To continue to increase orders via digital channels
  • To continue D365 project delivery
  • To launch multi-channel communication and customer portal
  • To reduce risk by continually focusing on cyber controls
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