Founded in the 1890s

Marshalls was founded in Yorkshire in the 1890s by a man called Soloman Marshall. Since then we’ve paved every location on the Monopoly Board, and you’ll find our materials and products at some of the UK’s most iconic landmarks.

We champion British manufacturing by investing in our UK based plants and people, and by being members of Made in Britain, a non-profit organisation that brings together the British manufacturing community and is a celebration of the diverse range of goods and services created here in the UK.

Innovating to reduce carbon

We’re proud to be the first in our industry to launch a dual block plant in the UK, providing double the output of a single plant. The products we manufacture use responsibly sourced raw materials and 74% of the electricity we consume as a group to manufacture our products is sourced from renewable sources. All of the product samples undergo rigorous testing at our central laboratory in Yorkshire and they are recycled within the grounds and are used as recycled material at our Brookfoot and West Lane sites.

Our commitment to sustainability drives ongoing innovation using more sustainable product mixes and practices including reducing the cement content in our concrete and developing new products with a focus on improving climate resilience. All of this is done, right here in the UK. You can find out more here.

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