Head of Product & Campaign Marketing

Why did you join Marshalls?

In 2014, I was only two years out of university when a previous Line Manger, who was an ex-employee of Marshalls, sent me a job vacancy for an Assistant Product Manager role. Her high regard for Marshalls, its market leading status in its industry and commitment to individual development made it an opportunity I couldn’t overlook.

The unique focus on its people and approach to continuous learning sets Marshalls apart. Here, I've found more than a job; it's a journey of achievement and belonging. The people that work here and the collaborative environment encourages creativity and excellence.

What keeps you at Marshalls?

My achievements have been plentiful, from leading impactful projects in my earlier career as an Assistant Product Manger to defining and setting the strategic direction for my team and their combined achievement of delivering ambitious plans in challenging market conditions in my present role as Head of Product and Campaign Marketing, my personal development journey has supported and shaped my career enabling several promotions.

Marshalls has been pivotal in my professional journey, providing an abundance of opportunities for skill enhancement. I've not only grown in my present and current roles, but I have also been encouraged to explore new avenues within the organisation along the way taking me into different divisions within the company from Marketing to Operations.

What does a day in your life at Marshalls look like? How do you make time for career and personal development?

Maintaining a work-life balance at Marshalls is encouraged, with flexible hours catering to personal needs. My day involves a dynamic mix, from strategic planning to hands-on project execution. The autonomy and exceptional support create a fulfilling work environment.

What I love most is the constant evolution, making a tangible impact aligned with the company's vision. My daily motivation stems from the exciting challenges and team camaraderie, turning work into an inspiring journey of growth. Marshalls goes beyond a job; it's a space where personal and professional fulfilment converge seamlessly.

Anything else you’d like to share with someone considering applying for a job?

Joining Marshalls isn't just a career move; it's a strategic investment in your growth. The people, the work culture, focus on individual development, and collaborative ethos make it an ideal place to thrive. With a commitment to work-life balance, flexible hours, and unwavering support, Marshalls nurtures both personal and professional aspirations.

The innovative projects and diverse opportunities ensure that every day brings new challenges and learning experiences. If you're seeking a workplace where your potential is recognised, your growth is a priority, and your contributions truly matter, Marshalls is the company for a fulfilling and successful career.

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