Site Operations Manager


My journey at Marshalls started in March 2018. I came to Eaglescliffe with the challenge of taking it to the next level. I’d heard really good things about the company which was one of the key points in making my decision to join.

I have over 30 years manufacturing experience as a manager in manufacturing working in areas like national newspapers, automotive and food gaining learnings from all sectors which has helped me grow and develop businesses and people to open up into different ways of looking at how to do things and improve themselves and the sectors they work in at all levels.

When joining Marshalls or any new business you are not aware of what the people you are going to be working with are like or how they will react to you, your ways of working and how new ideas will be taken.

I can say I was blown away by the team at Marshalls Eaglescliffe and how other departments within the company across the group engaged with me supported me and were very open to being given new ideas , ways of working and approaches to their day to day from the day I started.

I get great pleasure from watching people taking their ideas and concepts and mentoring them in methods and ways of turning these ideas into a reality.

These ideas are now a very clear reality to see when you come to the Eaglescliffe site and I am always asked when people visit after a period of time away ‘what have you done to change the site’? and I always reply ‘I never did anything the team have done it all’.

All I did was open a door and showed them what it could look like from the other side.

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