HR Advisor

Why did you join Marshalls?

For an opportunity to progress. On a personal level, I took a salary cut to start again in the career that I wanted to do and achieve. Since joining Marshalls I have received a lot of support through my personal and professional development that has allowed me to progress and start a career that I look forward to continuing with Marshalls.

Do you have a work/life balance?

I enjoy my work life balance at Marshalls. I only live locally, so even after a long day at the office I can be at home in 10 minutes and getting on with my day.

This usually includes the gym, tennis, hockey or eating and drinking with friends and family. My husband and I have just had our first child, and I definitely plan on returning to work at Marshalls and am confident that I will be able to make my work life balance a success while returning to my career.

Within the HR team, our hours are relatively flexible with some members of the team starting earlier or later and this helps create a successful work life balance.

What keeps you at Marshalls?

The people.

I love how friendly everyone is at Marshalls, from the Exec through managers to team members.
It doesn’t matter what role anyone does, the people are what sets Marshalls apart from other companies.

Anything else you’d like to share with someone considering applying for a job?

I love working at Marshalls and would recommend it to anyone looking for a new role or challenge. It is a great place to work with lovely people and is a company that is currently modernising and changing the way it operates to make it even more appealing to be an employee.

Now is definitely the time to come to this growing, successful business with a strong family history.

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