HR Advisor

Why did you join Marshalls?

I began working for Marshalls in 2017, looking for a way to progress in my career. I took a salary cut to take a role that I felt offered progression and lots of opportunity to learn. I knew of Marshalls, living in Brighouse, and always heard good things from people I knew who worked here.

What keeps you at Marshalls

The people.

I love how friendly everyone is at Marshalls, from the Exec down. It doesn’t matter what role people have, everyone is inclusive and welcoming.

I began my career at Marshalls as a HR Co-ordinator and I am now a HR Advisor, hoping to continue progressing. Marshalls has supported me in gaining my CIPD Level 3 and Level 5, whilst developing huge amounts of experience through my role.

During my time at Marshalls, I have been lucky enough to have a family of my own, a little girl and twin boys. The business and crucially my HR colleagues have been so supportive of me not only having a family and going part time, but whilst still offering opportunities for progression.

What does a day in your life at Marshalls look like? How do you make time for career and personal development?

Every single day is different – my role can be very reactive to the needs of the business. I have things each day that I would like to achieve, but depending on what crops up some of those might not get done. My role is all about supporting the business to make the right decisions and supporting our colleagues.

I work three days a week, but there’s a lot of flexibility offered by both myself and my manager in how my hours are worked. If I need to start early or finish late, or if the business needs me at site, it’s fine - we just make sure the job is done. I believe this flexibility adds to a positive work experience.

My amazing team of HR colleagues, alongside the relationships I have with colleagues across the business is what brings me to work each day. I never wake up with that ‘Monday morning feeling’ as I enjoy what I do and where I do it.

Anything else you’d like to share with someone considering applying for a job?

I love working at Marshalls and would recommend it to anyone looking for a new challenge at a business that wants to develop its colleagues.

It is a great place to work with lovely people and is a company that has modernised its people policies to make it an even more attractive proposition.

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