What is an EPD?

An EPD (or Environmental Product Declaration) is a detailed, independently verified document reporting a wide range of the environmental impacts of a product. To create one, a manufacturer or supplier compiles detailed information about the product including:

  • Component materials
  • The distance those materials travelled to get to the factory
  • Energy used in manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • The average distance the finished product travels to its end use

In addition, they will also use “scenario-based assumptions” to estimate impacts during use and at the end of life to create an assessment that considers impacts across the whole lifecycle of the product.

An EPD lays this information out in a consistent format, making it easy to draw fair comparisons between different products. This ensures that designers and contractors can make informed decisions about the products they specify.

For more information on sustainable practices, you can find out more here.

Marshalls' EPDs

We have grouped products to provide family-level EPDs which cover a wide range of our products. Because we have such a complex manufacturing and logistics operation, we’ve taken proportional averages across all our ranges and factories to provide a fair reflection of each product’s impact, regardless of the site it was manufactured at.


Search by product 

Below is the list of our products with an EPD. Scroll through this list or use the search function to find the EPD of the product you want. 

Adwick Sunrise
Allen Multi Facing Bricks
Amberley Corn Facing Brick
Basalt Grey Facing Bricks
Bempton Grey
Boston Burnt Lava Facing Bricks
Bristol Blue Facing Bricks
Capel White Facing Brick
Castleton Stock Facing Bricks
Charnwood Paving
Cheltenham Burnt Wheat Facing Bricks
Cheshire Red Facing Bricks
Cleeve Cedar Facing Bricks
Conservation X Kerb and Edging
Darton Red Facing Brick
Darwell Cream Facing Brick
Dewstow Wren Facing Bricks
Dolomite Cream Facing Bricks
Duxbury Corn Facing brick
Dymock Bronze Facing Bricks
Earlswood Grey Facing Bricks
Edmonton Stock Facing Bricks
Edmonton Vintage Stock Facing Bricks
Epsom Red Facing Bricks
Etton White Facing Brick
Fairwood Straw Facing Bricks

EPDs at Marley

Explore Marley's EPDs. Click below to delve into their Solartile EPD and Viridian Solar EPD and identify how they are implementing eco-friendly practises.

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