Application and Maintenance

Marshalls is committed to innovative product development and manufacture.

The evolution of new product design is continuous and information is subject to change without notice. Customers should check with the supplier to ensure that they have the latest details. All Marshalls products are manufactured to the appropriate British Standard where applicable. Where products, (or intended usage) lie outside the scope of a British (or intended European) standard or no appropriate standard exists, Marshalls own standard will be employed.

All products are supplied subject to Marshalls standard Conditions of Sale, a copy of which is available on request. Liability in respect of any statements, conditions, warranties and representations made on behalf of the Company is limited in accordance with the terms set out in the Standard Conditions of Sale.


Routine cleaning and maintenance is required to keep the overall appearance of the product


Should customers be in doubt as to the suitability of any Marshalls product for a given application, guidance from our Technical Team should be sought. The colours shown in this literature are as exact as photographic and printing process will allow. We strongly recommend that colours are judged and chosen from actual materials rather than photographic representation depicted herein.

Although every effort is made to ensure consistency of product colour, variations between production batches can occur. We therefore recommend that products are thoroughly mixed on site by drawing, if possible, from a minimum of three packs.


All concrete products may, in their early life, appear to lose some intensity of colour and experience a milky white stain on the face of the product; this is efflorescence staining. It is a temporary phenomenon and is no way detrimental to the performance of the material and responsibility cannot be accepted for its occurrence. Clay products may also suffer from a temporary white stain called efflorescence. This is quite different from efflorescence in concrete products and is caused by soluble salts within the clay being transported by water to the surface as they dry out. For further information on efflorescence staining in both clay and concrete products, please call our Technical Hotline on 08704 112233.

Marshalls is committed to providing a customer oriented service and would welcome feedback on our products and services.