3D and Augmented Reality Visualisers - Terms of Use

Augmented Reality Visualiser

The Marshalls Augmented Reality Visualiser is only available on mobile and tablet devices with iOS 13+, iPadOS 13+, Android with ARCore 1.9+ or Chrome 88+.

The Marshalls Augmented Reality Visualiser uses standard inbuilt Android Scene Viewer / IOS Quick Look software, or browser based WebXR Technologies (Chrome for Android 88+). All of these technologies try to simulate real-time, real-world lighting conditions over which Marshalls have no control and are subject to change without notice.

Users should be aware that due to the nature of this dynamic technology, colour and surface detail representation will vary by device and environment (i.e. indoors, outdoors, sunny, cloudy) and should be used as a general guide only.

3D and Augmented Reality Visualiser

Marshalls accept no responsibility for the presentation and accuracy of its products viewed in the 3D and Augmented Reality Visualisers, it should therefore be used as a guide only and colours should be selected from physical samples.

For further information please refer to Marshalls website terms of use.

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