Date published 14 October 2021

Following months of trials at our manufacturing sites, Marshalls has announced a move to reduce packaging on several core product ranges. Extensive testing has demonstrated that removing non-essential plastic wrapping on kerb and edging products does not affect the quality or safety of these products for transport, storage or installation.

At Marshalls, one of our key environmental priorities as a business is to say no to non-essential plastic, and we know this is important to our customers too.

As a manufacturing company, one of the best ways we can minimise plastic sent to landfill is to reduce the amount of packaging used on our products.

Rolling out between October and November 2021, standard kerb and edging ranges from our Eaglescliffe, Sittingbourne, West Lane and Brookfoot sites will no longer arrive with plastic wrapping and will instead be supplied with any necessary pallet and/or packaging straps where applicable – with St. Ives adapting a little later down the line. This will not only help reduce the amount of plastic used in a project but also will reduce the waste on site - creating a cleaner and safer build.

Adam Faben, our Head of Quality said, “This packaging reduction project is the latest in a series of planned product and service changes, set to contribute further to our environmental goals of reducing carbon and plastic as a business. At Marshalls, doing the right things in the right way is critical to our ongoing success. Given the nature of the products we supply, it is essential to ensure the ongoing viability, safety and quality of these products when we remove elements of packaging.”

As this project required testing across our different business functions, Adam continues;

“Assessments of production, product and transportation had to show no compromise on our product or service before we switched to a low-packaging solution. With the success of removing non-essential packaging from these initial ranges, we continue to learn, collaborate and innovate as we hope to develop further solutions for our full product offering. That’s the Marshalls way."

This change is the first of many that will reduce our plastic impact as a business. When customers use these low carbon building materials, we hope this removal of plastic will support the circular economy landscape of design and construction.

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