Date published 16 May 2022

Following on from setting science-based targets to combat climate change, Marshalls has committed to setting science-based targets for nature.

We know that by looking at the science, we can maximise our efforts in order to minimise our impact on the natural world. Having already set science-based targets for our carbon reduction programme, it’s clear to us that we need to take the same approach to how we look at nature and biodiversity. This is The Marshalls Way and aligns with our overarching net positive futures strategy.

Using the guidelines set by the Science Based Targets Network, we will be following their five step process:

1.    Assessing our value chain impact
2.    Prioritising key issues and locations
3.    Collecting data to set targets
4.    Making a plan and taking action
5.    Monitoring progress

Chris Harrop OBE, Marshalls’ ESG Strategy Director, said: “This is just the start of the process and our initial goal is to assess our operations with an internal review. As with our carbon reduction programme, we will be accountable in our approach and report transparently on our progress.”

You can find out more about the Marshalls approach to sustainability on our website.