Date published 8 November 2023

In 2022, we celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee through the Queen's Green Canopy (QGC) initiative-by planting 2,800 trees at our Brookfoot site in Southowram, West Yorkshire. Positioned alongside a commemorative plinth, this grove of oak, alder, and mountain ash saplings is a visible tribute, for all to see from the road and a neighbouring public footpath.

And we haven’t stopped there. As part of our approved restoration plans, we planted 2,500 saplings at three more West Yorkshire quarries in 2023. The initiative aims to restore biodiversity, improve air quality and minimise soil erosion. The assortment includes a mix of oak, alder, mountain ash as well as poplar and silver birch, with 1,500 taking root at Cromwell, 800 at Appleton and 200 at Sovereign – with plans to introduce around a further 300 saplings.

Lee Weatherall, Group Minerals and Estate Planning Manager at Marshalls said: “Every quarry has a story, and ours involves a commitment to beneficial after-use. Our restoration plans for Cromwell, Appleton, and Sovereign go beyond the cessation of quarrying activities. They outline a vision of habitat creation and nature conservation, ensuring that after use, our quarries are transformed into a haven for biodiversity and our efforts are yielding visible results. The diverse selection of trees across our sites is a testament to our efforts in promoting biodiversity.”

For more details on our sustainable business practices, you can find out more here.

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