Date published 2 February 2021

Marshalls Bricks and Masonry has become the latest division to be formed by Marshalls plc. With over 100 years expertise in the walling sector from within the core business and across recent acquisitions , our new division is focussed on the design, manufacture and delivery of bricks, walling and masonry solutions, all to the high standards that are synonymous with the unmistakable Marshalls quality.
We have been in operation since the 1890s and, in 2018, we acquired another known expert in their field – Edenhall. Edenhall has been involved in the production of concrete bricks since the 1950s and became Britain’s leading independent brick manufacturer thanks to a combination of product development and technical innovation.
Not only does Marshalls Bricks and Masonry bring together an extensive product range from across two market leading businesses, but it also represents additional customer benefits, many of which contribute to our shared commitment to sustainability.  All operations in the division will be run from mainland Britain, which means products have a low carbon footprint and almost all raw materials are sourced locally too.  We’re already working towards our approved Science-Based Targets to reduce carbon emissions, and our current sustainability programmes, which include the reduction of plastic packaging and fuel emissions, include our new division.
Ian Dean, Group Director of Emerging Businesses for Marshalls said:
“This is an exciting time for Marshalls, following recent announcement about our large investments to drive the business forward, we are excited to be launching this new division and benefit customers even more. Marshalls Bricks and Masonry retains the innovative spirit of both Marshalls and Edenhall, of years spent refining processes and testing products to bring industry firsts to market.
We’re focussed on the development of facing bricks, continuing to break down barriers and provide practical solutions that have changed the perceptions of those that use brick, converting them to the strong, durable, aesthetically attractive and technically sound product that is concrete. The environmental benefits of our concrete bricks are vast, supporting a growing number of house builders and developers to achieve carbon targets and meet their sustainability goals.”
The environmental benefits of our concrete bricks are vast. With a low cement content and no need for firing, the manufacturing process uses very little energy and only a small amount of recycled water too. Once finished, the embodied and emitted carbon content is low and they are a net absorber of CO2, due to their continuous carbonation over their lifetime. Our bricks typically have less than 50% of the embodied carbon content of a clay brick. And at the end of their lifetime, they’re 100% recyclable too, once crushed.
More information about Marshalls Bricks and Masonry and our product ranges can be found on our new website.