Everything we do at Marshalls is intended to make our world a better place to live in. But what happens when we are faced with a threat to our world ‐ and the way that we, as human beings, live in it?

No‐one will have missed the news that our world is getting warmer – and overwhelming evidence points to the fact that human activities are a major contributor to climate change.

If humans continue to pursue our activities unchecked, the climate crisis will change the world as we know it. Allowing temperatures to rise by as little as 2°C will lead to extreme weather, widespread drought, mass migration, food scarcity, rising oceans, and species extinctions ‐ significant changes in the planet we all share.


The Carbon Challenge

From the extraction of raw materials to end of lifecycle disposal or recycling, all construction products have some impact on the environment. Even ours.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) accounts for 65% of total global emissions, making it the major driving force behind the growth in greenhouse gas emissions. At Marshalls we believe that we have a duty to ensure that everything we do has a positive impact on the planet we share ‐ which is why we took on the challenge of driving down the amount of CO2 we create.

We have been reducing our emissions for a long time. We published our first carbon data back in 2004 and, since 2008, we have reduced our total carbon footprint by 50% . Our ongoing commitment is to reduce our emissions per tonne of production by a further 40% by 2030 in line with keeping any temperature increase well below 2°C.

These ambitious carbon reduction targets have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative.

Beware Greenwashing

Like us, many businesses have started on their own carbon reduction journeys. As such, we're seeing brands making big announcements and low carbon claims, which is really positive. However, there is potential for greenwash here.

We want people to challenge the environmental credentials of the products they want to buy. Are there hard, verifiable facts behind any low‐carbon claims? Is there data to back up those claims? If there is, where has it come from? And who has verified that data? If there's any doubt ask the manufacturer for proof.

We wrote the book on reducing Carbon

Given our long experience in monitoring, managing and minimising our emissions, we like to think we wrote the book on how a business can reduce its carbon footprint.

And now, we have.

'Marshalls' Climate Challenge: One business' attempt to change minds, change an industry and change the future' sets out the scale of the carbon reduction challenge for our planet, our country, our industry and also for us as a business.

More importantly, our ebook issues a challenge for our competitors: show us how serious you really are by bettering our carbon performance to 2030 and beyond. Publish your commitments, report your results and beat us to net‐zero. Show us – and the whole industry – that you’re as serious about addressing the Climate Challenge as we are.

Download your free copy of our ebook : Marshalls Climate Challenge today.
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