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Wednesday 30th September, 2020

In recent years we’ve seen that consumers and businesses are paying more attention to where their purchases come from and how certain products are made:

  • According to research by CGA, 76% of business leaders rate the ethical engagement of their suppliers as an important consideration.
  • According to research by One Poll, 80% of consumers say they typically consider where something was made before purchasing.

But in this new post-pandemic world, people have become more inclined to buy local. A recent survey by Made in Britain showed that 90% of consumers believe it’s important to buy British, and shows that two-thirds of us are more likely to buy more British goods post-Covid to support the economy than we were before the pandemic.

Buying goods as a consumer or business from your country of residence is good on a number of levels. On a small scale, buying locally can strengthen your community, from using your neighbourhood butcher to supporting your local taxi rank, you can demonstrate community pride and help invest in your local economy. On a large scale, buying locally contributes to a reduction in fuel emissions and reduces the carbon footprint on the goods and services you buy.

Marshalls was founded in Yorkshire in 1890. We started as a small company built on big principles, working hard to provide superior and innovative products, never compromising on quality and safety, all whilst contributing to the local and national community. Through the years, we’ve retained our growth in the UK and developed our British made products – such as our new and improved Conservation X range, Modal and Priora – just as much as we have our imported ranges.

98% of our commercial manufactured products are made in the UK, which means we can have control on our stock availability for demand, monitor product quality and working practices closely, as well as keep our carbon footprint down.

When it comes to our imported products, we are fastidious about ethical sourcing. We carry out extensive modern slavery risk mapping for all countries that we work with to create a deeper understanding of the environments we operate in. We’re proud to make this information publicly available for transparency but also to help others who source products from abroad too.

Marshalls Made in Britain:

Marshalls is part of Made in Britain, a not-for-profit organisation that brings together the best of British manufacturers to champion skills, innovation and craftsmanship. Not only are we members of Made in Britain, but our Sustainability Director, Chris Harrop OBE, is the Chairman. Here is what Chris has to say about what the future brings for Marshalls as a British manufacturer:

“As we enter a new era for Britain, Marshalls continues to lead the way as an innovative hard landscaping business. Retaining our stance on British manufacturing will be crucial and as we invest in further digital transformation and innovative ways of working we are upskilling our workforce and influencing change across the industry.”

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Products such as our Conservation X range is developed and manufactured in the mainland UK, and we have continued to enhance this range to meet the demands of our British customer base, adding new sizes and colours to give specifiers and designers what they want to create contemporary spaces. Conservation X is precision-manufactured using up to 65% recycled material and has a carbon footprint as low as 24 kg CO2 m² as it wasn’t imported, making it thoroughly British and sustainable.

Check out our Conversation X Concrete Paving range for commercial hard landscaping here.

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