Made in Britain

Made in Britain

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Wednesday 30th August, 2023

In recent years we’ve seen that consumers and businesses are paying more attention to where their purchases come from and how certain products are made. According to research by Made in Britain, 58% of British consumers say they prefer UK-made goods.

Buying locally comes with a number of advantages. From using your neighbourhood butcher to shopping at your local market, you’re supporting your community and investing in the local economy. On a larger scale, buying British contributes to a reduction in fuel emissions which lowers a product’s carbon footprint, as well as supporting local jobs and helping to secure the future for British manufacturers.

Marshalls was founded in Yorkshire in the 1890s and we’ve worked hard to provide quality and innovative products, all whilst contributing to the local and national community. We’re continually developing and expanding our commercial and domestic British made product offering. Based on tonnage, 98% of all our commercial and domestic landscaping products combined are made in Britain.

When it comes to the products we import, we carry out extensive modern slavery risk mapping for all the countries we source from to create a deeper understanding of the environments we operate in. We’re proud to make this information publicly available for transparency but also to help others who source products from abroad too.


Marshalls Made in Britain:

We champion British manufacturing by being members of Made in Britain, a non-profit organisation that brings together the British manufacturing community and is a celebration of the diverse range of goods and services created here in the UK. Made in Britain CEO John Pearce said:

“Marshalls has made a huge contribution to Made in Britain and continues to do so. Businesses of all sizes make up the membership of Made in Britain and big companies like Marshalls set a great example by sharing their expertise and resources to help smaller members grow.”

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