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With a wide range of patio and driveway products on offer, we have a vast range of garden and driveway accessories that will revitalise any patio or driveway.

From our Driveway Security Post to aid in keeping your driveway secure to our Driveline Drain which is a high-quality drainage solution proven to be stronger than metal and plastic alternatives.

If you are looking to regenerate your outdoor space then our Cleaning & Maintenance products are the ideal solution.

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About Marshalls Accessories and Tools

We've got a selection of jointing compounds including Weatherpoint 365 and Marshalls Exterior Jointing Compound.

We also offer a complete range of installation and maintence cleaning products, including Green-Away, the ideal solution to remove mould, algae and lichen from all patio, driveway and pavement surfaces.

Jointing Compounds

Our range of jointing compounds include Weatherpoint 365, an all weather jointing material that speeds up installation times and can be laid all year round, come rain or shine.
Jointing Compounds

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