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An attractive driveway gives a strong first impression and can even boost the value of your home. Marshalls has a range of driveway paving that can achieve a premium, long-lasting look. Our driveway paving slabs come in many styles, finishes and colours – and are available in a selection of stone materials.

Many of our driveway paving products have coordinating kerbs, walling, edging and circle features to complete your driveway transformation with a stunning design.

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Block Paving

Whatever style you’re looking to emulate – whether it’s a unique pattern using our Drivesett Tegula Block Paving Circles, or a uniform design with Fairstone Driveway Setts – at Marshalls you’ll find the right driveway pavers for you.

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  • The biggest driveway paving range in the UK
  • Huge selection of natural and replica stone slabs
  • Coordinating kerbs, walling, edging and circle features for driveways
  • Permeable driveway paving available for better drainage
  • Project packs stocked

About Marshalls Driveways

For over 120 years Marshalls have been creating and providing natural stone, block paving and concrete driveways to transform your driveway. We offer a number of different driveway paving designs to suit any house type. This ranges from a variety of block paving to innovative setts and cobbles to sustainable, permeable paving. Colours vary from silver grey, autumn and terracotta to basalt, graphite and charcoal so you can be sure to find one to suit your needs. Different finishes distinguish the driveway paving between the traditional and contemporary preference to give the option of an aged or modern look. Other innovative concrete driveways allow for a cobbled look in the Drivesys Original Cobble paving range or that of a split natural stone in the Drivesett Natrale block paving range.

Marshalls also offer edgings, walling, circles and octants which can coordinate with your chosen driveway paving, and so it can be hard to visualise a finished result. Use the free, online Driveway Visualiser to upload a photo of your own driveway, try out our products and fuel your inspiration.

Why buy Marshalls driveway block paving

There are many reasons to buy Marshalls Fairstone, block paving and concrete driveway products. The unique Marshalls Register of Landscape Contractors can assist you in the process of selecting driveway paving products and enable you to enjoy the guarantee of a quality end product and ease of installation. They can also advise you on a variety of solutions in regards to the recent changes in Government regulations - Marshalls have an entire range of permeable concrete driveway options which do not require planning permission and sustainably manage the rainwater that lands on your driveway. To further this, Marshalls Registered Installers can offer the unique Marshalls Hard Landscaping Guarantee to protect your investment. Together, these unique selling points provide you with a high quality standard of driveway paving products, ease of installation and a positive experience.

Once you have a good idea of the driveway block paving products on offer, it's really easy to find a local Marshalls stockist in your area using the Where to Buy tab. Many Marshalls' stockists now have a Marshalls' hard landscape display in branch, where you can view a wide selection of driveway paving products close up before you make your final choice.

When buying driveway paving there are a number of things that must be considered;

Finding a good installer from the Marshalls Register of Landscape Contractors. In order to gain their advice, expertise, ideas and recommendations, this should be planned early.
Discussing your needs – there are a number of decisions to be made when designing and buying block paving therefore talking through your needs and expectations with several Installers allows you to judge whether they can meet your brief.
Deciding upon how you are going to comply with the current regulations – Marshalls Register Members can advise you on a number of solutions.
Getting more than one quotation in writing - the cheapest isn't always the best; choose the Contractor you feel will deliver what you need.
Considering Marshalls Hard Landscape Guarantee to protect your investment.

Choosing between concrete and natural stone driveway block paving

With the broad range of all our block paving products you may be faced with a huge amount of choice. It's helpful to understand the differences between stone and concrete driveways. Concrete can, basically, be anything you want – its handmade in the UK using moulds, which allows for the uniform look in terms of colour and texture. We also give it an authentic look by using real natural stone face profiles. Stone, on the other hand, has colours that have developed over years and therefore, give the most natural effect. As both stone and concrete block paving can be manipulated and processed to create something to your taste, the decision comes down to personal choice and budget when purchasing driveway paving.