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Artificial grass ideas for your garden

Darius Negahbani Darius Negahbani Monday 22nd October, 2018

Top artificial grass design ideasTop artificial grass design ideas

Busy lifestyles and the erratic British weather mean more and more people are turning to artificial grass to transform gardens across the UK.

It can be introduced to an outdoor space in a variety of different designs and suits a range of garden layouts. With different colours and effects there’s been a shift towards artificial turf – and there’s so much more you can do with it. 

Why artificial grass?

As multi-tone technologies have improved, artificial turf looks more authentic than ever. An array of colours and shades are now available so you can create a realistic grass effect, which looks just like a natural lawn.

Requiring no mowing whatsoever, artificial grass maintains its evergreen appearance all-year-round, so you can concentrate on keeping other areas of your garden in mint condition.

With the correct care and attention, artificial lawns maintain their quality for a long time, giving you a good return on your investment. All you need to do is give it a monthly brush, the occasional hosing to clean it and apply weed killer treatments twice a year

Essentially, you’re getting the real thing, without the fuss. Have a look at our top artificial turf ideas for some inspiration.

Artificial grass design ideas

How you apply artificial turf to your garden is completely up to you and depends on the size and shape of the area you’re working with.

We’ve compiled a few artificial grass designs that you can replicate in your own outdoor space. Some are more complex than others, in which case, finding a registered installer might be a better option than laying the grass yourself. 

1. Going around in circles

Curves and circles in gardens provide a central point which everything else is built around. Laying artificial turf in such a shape provides that focal point.

It can be cut into different shapes and sizes to suit whichever garden layout you want, creating a centrepiece in your garden, or framing a patio - whether it’s made of sleek and modern or rustic buff paving.

Combine with a circular edging and you have a beautiful centrepiece to design the rest of your garden around. 

2. Kid-proof

Artificial grass can be installed to turn your garden into your little one’s very own playground. As it’s so robust, it can withstand a lot of pressure and strain from playing apparatus.

Try laying a section of artificial turf and adding playground features such as slides or swings.

You won’t have to worry about muddy areas developing and the kids will have a fun place to play in their very own garden.

3. A dash of pebbles

Pebbles are a classic garden feature, and a section laid with pebbles gives a Mediterranean feel to any garden.

Artificial turf provides the ideal accompaniment to a pebble feature – either as a raised rockery, or a contrasting garden surface. The contrast between white pebbles and the lush colours of artificial grass will ensure your garden stands out.

4. Narrow garden corridors

Many gardens in the UK are limited space-wise. Thankfully, we’ve got some great fake grass ideas which can be adapted to suit any outdoor spaces, no matter how small. Artificial turf is actually a better option for smaller areas which may not receive enough light to maintain a traditional lawn.

Laying fake grass in a smaller space is a great idea for low maintenance small spaces – giving all the benefits of greenery without the difficulties of live grass.

No more mowing the lawn in a tight space, simply sit back and enjoy your own little slice of heaven.

5. Room with a view

With small spaces in mind, balconies aren’t traditionally where you’d find natural turf either. This is usually due to the weight of soil that would be needed to maintain grass on a balcony, but also the potential mess created below.

Handily, artificial turf takes away that weight and mess issues, as it eliminates the need for a soil layer.

You can beautify your balcony area with a simple strip of artificial grass which creates a garden-like effect in a unique setting. Add some bunting and a few deck chairs and you’ll have the perfect space for a Great British Summer. 

6. Small steps

Create a charming feature and break up the lush green of your artificial grass with some rustic paving slabs or stepping stones.

If you already have paving in your garden, artificial grass can be cut around the area – whether it’s a circular focal point or stepping stones. 

You can complement your existing stepping-stones with artificial turf, as it can be cut to any length up to 25m, with a minimum of 8sqm. It’s simply a matter of adjusting the turf and laying it around your existing paving.  

 7. Create a waterside paradise

With its lush, realistic colours, artificial grass can be laid alongside your garden pond, or if you’re lucky enough to have one, a pool, to create a striking contrast next to the shimmering blue tones of the water. 

Embellishing both the colours and surrounding areas of your waterside area, it can bring a new sheen to a garden water feature – and it’s perfect next to decking to give the impression of a gorgeous poolside holiday in your own backyard.

It’s also practical, as you’ll rarely need to weed the artificial turf, giving you more time to enjoy your outdoor space.

8. Rooftop bliss

Rooftop gardens are a dream feature for many homeowners, and artificial turf can create that rooftop oasis you’ve always wanted.

Similar to balconies, many are put off laying natural turf on roofs because of weight restrictions from soil.

Artificial grass has no such worries and you can apply it to your rooftop garden in a variety of manners which suit your design preferences. 

Our artificial grass range

We have a selection of artificial turf options at Marshalls that can help breathe new life into your outdoor spaces.

Our Always Green artificial grass range meets ‘The Grass Standard’ quality mark, so you’re assured of absolute quality when your turf has been installed.

There are three variations on offer depending on the style of your garden:

Always Green Playing Field

Developed with families in mind, Always Green Playing Field is artificial turf that’s hard-wearing and play-friendly.

It’s ideal for installing in family gardens, as it can cope with intense garden football action – it also meets FIFA Standards for artificial turf – and playground apparatus such as slides being placed on it.

Always Green Summer Lawn

For a shimmering, multi-tone effect, Always Green Summer Lawn perfectly replicates a natural lawn.

Combining light-reflection technology and jute colours in its thatch layer, this artificial turf is one of our most realistic grass options.

Along with the other products in our Always Green range, it comes with a 10-year UV damage guarantee.

Always Green Village Green

Evoke the image of a neatly maintained country village green with our Always Green Village Green turf.

Vibrant in its appearance, this turf also includes a green-coloured thatch layer to create a flourishing, evergreen appearance.

It’s also incredibly durable, featuring a premium backing cloth to secure each blade of grass, and a perforated surface to allow liquids to pass through.

For more information on Marshalls’ range of artificial grass, view our full range now.


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