Tips for installing artificial grass in winter

Marshalls Plc Marshalls Plc Monday 4th January, 2021

Artificial grass is a great way to have a perfect looking lawn all year round, but it can be harder to install in winter than the warmer months.

When it’s colder, artificial grass with a latex backing can become more rigid, which means it may be more prone to stubborn creases or ripples that might not flatten as easily as they would in warmer weather.

If you’re installing artificial grass during cold weather, use these tips below:

  1. Keep the grass as warm as possible before you install it – ideally in a heated garage or conservatory.
  2. Keep an eye on the weather, and aim to lay the grass on a sunny day if possible.
  3. Roll the grass out and lie in situ as soon as possible on installation day, giving time for smaller creases to drop out.
  4. If you find larger creases or ripples, pour hot (not boiling) water onto them to help flatten.
  5. Fix the grass once the roll is flat, with no ripples or ridges.

If you’re using Marshalls Always Green artificial grass, you can buy everything you need online, and use our step by step guide to help you with installation. If you’re looking for a professional installation of your artificial grass, take a look at the Marshalls Register to find an accredited installer local to you.

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