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Product Description

Marshalls Green-Away® is the perfect cleaning solution for your garden or driveway. Suitable for use on patios, driveways, and even walling, Green-Away® is proven to remove dirt, mould, and algae and will reduce the appearance of black spots on lichen within 6 months. The formula is almost PH neutral making it gentle and safe to use.

Green-Away® can be used as a preventative measure, apply annually for to keep mould, algae and lichen from developing.

Why not try our professional sprayer for increased precision, efficiency, and comfort of use. Professional sprayer includes nozzles, a push-in dosing valve and an easy to use pump action handle. Marshalls Green-Away® comes in a handy 5L bottle covering up to a huge 300m2 area when using our 12 litre professional sprayer.

Simply spray on and leave it to do its magic…

TOP TIP: Do not rinse green-away® off the area.

For more information about the cleaning and maintenance of your outdoor spaces, visit our handy Aftercare Guide.

  • Protect your new patio or driveway against unsightly mould, algae and lichen growth
  • Gentle and safe to use, Green-Away is pet and child-friendly once dry
  • Watch as the mould & algae starts to disappear within 2 weeks
  • Any lichen and black spots start to shrink and disappear within 6 months

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Product Name Coverage (m2) Weight (kg) Colour Available Total Capacity (ml) Work Capacity (ml) Pressure Height (mm) Width (mm)
Green-Away® 5 Litre Bottle Up to 300m2 5kg
Professional Sprayer 12L 2kg Yellow 11.61 11.01 0.4MPa 600mm 220mm

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5 | 1 reviews

1 reviews

Green-Away 5 Ltr Garden Paving


28 March 2021

Worked really well and patio is already improving with surface green mould dissipating. I am hopeful that the long term benefits from a maintenance point of view will be beneficial.


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