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Marshalls White Garden Accessories

Why choose Marshalls White Garden Accessories?

If you’re on the lookout for eye-catching garden accessories in your favourite textures, check out Marshalls’ wide range of cream and white garden stones, rocks and pebbles – ready to give your outdoor space the finishing touch it needs.

Use your favourite picks from our wide selection of white garden accessories to bed in rock gardens, fill out ponds, and give water features a distinctive look.

Marshalls offers a variety of pebbles, chippings and stones to add depth and character to your garden design. As well as the larger rocks and stones for ground cover, we also supply garden pebbles to fill in rockeries, creating a Mediterranean feel in your own back yard.

Our choice of white pebbles can play a part in a soothing, minimalist garden design, while our aggregate enhances and brightens any outdoor space.

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