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Marshalls White Garden Accessories

Why choose Marshalls White Garden Accessories?

  • Cream and white block paving can also be used in creating urban landscapes full of character. The Myriad range of concrete block paving can be laid in a single colour or installed with the other pieces in the range to create an eye-catching space suitable for foot traffic. White and cream block paving is also available within the Priora range of permeable paving products. The interlocking nibs on the edge of the Priora blocks allow water to fall into a special sub-base. To find out more about our block paving products, or to request a quote, today.

From eye-catching aesthetics to raising visibility on the roads, Marshalls’ range of white and cream block paving products has many uses.

White concrete marker blocks are suitable for use in locations that require high visibility indicators, such as roundabouts on the road, and for defining parking and loading spaces.

Marshalls offer a variety of white garden accessories to add depth and character to your garden design, ranging from white garden aggregates, white garden pebbles and white slate chippings.

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