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5 Outdoor Design Trends for 2016

Marshalls Plc Marshalls Plc Tuesday 19th April, 2016

A new year is a chance to breathe fresh style, colour and inspiration into your garden. 2016 looks particularly packed with fun ways to reinvent the outdoor space that matters to you. It may be that you’re drawn towards revisiting ideas of old, or perhaps you prefer a thoroughly modern garden – either way, our round-up of this year’s key outdoor design trends is sure to include a few that appeal to you.


  1. Planting for eating

The trend for edible plants is set to grow. Sometimes known as ‘urban farming’, the idea is to combine the thriftiness of grow-your-own eating with your love of gardening. The focus will be on planting and eating native varieties of fruits and vegetables, and even those who don’t have much outdoor space can still get involved. Container planting, kitchen windowsill seedlings and cleverly positioned hanging baskets can all be harvested in 2016.


  1. Outdoor cooking

Another trend for the foodies: as we move into 2016’s summer months, many of us are expected to take inspiration from a true American tradition and install some serious outdoor cooking areas.  The average BBQ will be left in the shade as people design and construct dedicated outdoor food preparation areas, complete with ceramic grills, smokers and pizza ovens, all of which are growing in popularity.


  1. Garden retreats

There’s something so tempting about a summer house, or decorated shed where one can read or listen to the radio whatever the weather. Perhaps that’s why in 2016 so many of us are going to erect our own garden retreat. From simple covered swing seats and Dorset Arbours, to mini log cabins and quaint garden houses, having somewhere to escape will be very much on trend this year.


  1. Vivid furnishings

In 2016, soft furnishing for the garden will be boldly coloured, saturated with the hues of India: deep oranges, vibrant pinks, lime greens and sumptuous golds. This rich palette will be used to create equally bold graphic prints so that your upholstery, cushions and throws will work as a riot of colour alongside your flowers. Contrast will be afforded in the construction of the furniture itself, which will be of wood or whicker and completely natural.


  1. Intelligent lighting

Increasingly, people want to enjoy the full glory of their gardens even after the sun goes down. No longer content with simply stringing up fairy lights, gardeners are set to experiment with some more considered ways of using light. For some that will mean using light to accentuate their favourite design features, while for others it will be a case of using illumination to distinguish one garden zone from another. Primarily however, garden lighting in 2016 will be about creating and changing mood to optimise the versatility of a garden once the stars come out.


As we start the New Year, why not incorporate a few of these fabulous modern ideas to stay firmly on-trend?

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