planning perfect patio

Planning the perfect patio

Marshalls Plc Marshalls Plc Wednesday 12th September, 2018

Right now is the ideal time to start thinking about the improvements you’d like to make to your garden, and the ways you’ll use and enjoy it during the sunnier days of 2016. With aesthetic choices made and practical considerations covered, you can get to work as soon as the weather allows. A new or refreshed patio area is a great place to start.


For many gardeners, the patio provides a central focus; the perfect position from which to enjoy the fruits of your labour and entertain family and friends. So, what do you need to think about when planning the perfect patio?


Sizing it all up

Size and shape are your first consideration, both in terms of the area in which your patio will be situated and the paving you choose to build it. Whether you want a large circular-shaped patio that radiates out from a central point, a simple grid pattern or something more quirky to suit an unusually-shaped space, there are lots of stunning design ideas to choose from.  Depending on the size of the area you have available and how you ultimately intend to use it, you may choose to add different levels to your patio, creating variation and plenty of options for displaying huge pots full of colourful blooms.


Living in a material world

Perhaps the most important choice when it comes to the overall ambiance of your new patio is that of the actual building materials themselves. Would you enjoy stone with a weathered, countryside look or would a smooth granite finish with contemporary contrast colour scheme appeal more to your taste? For anyone with an outdoor space that’s prone to becoming waterlogged, permeability is important. Meanwhile, for those who just can’t wait for a sunny day, there’s now high-quality paving that can be laid in the rain.


Colour it in

Colour is another key element to consider when creating a patio, and it’s important to visualise your options in light of your entire garden. Ask yourself, will the vivid green of my lawn complement or clash with the deep battleship grey of wet slate? Could a soft stone hue be the perfect colour to set off the pretty reds, oranges and pinks of British wildflowers?


The finishing touch

Once you’ve established the shape and size of your patio, the paving it will be formed of and the colours that will work best, it’s time to invest in a few finishing touches. The furniture, lighting and planting you choose to adorn your patio will lift it to the next level. Make it rustic using timber-built pieces for a laidback vibe, elegant Italian-style seating for more formal spaces, or cool minimalist furniture for a modern, pared-back look. Light the space with chunky lanterns, twinkling fairy lights or subtle uplighters and watch it come to life at night.


By planning ahead now and preparing to get your new patio built as soon as spring arrives, you can give yourself a head-start on the entire year’s gardening pleasure. A bit of forward-thinking will mean you can unlock your garden’s potential and make the most of every warmer day outdoors.

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