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Budget Garden Ideas

Marshalls Plc Marshalls Plc Tuesday 31st July, 2018

Designing the garden of their dreams doesn’t have to cost the earth. Revitalising and renovating a tired- looking garden is so straightforward – all you need is a bit of time and creativity.

There are some fantastic cheap garden ideas out there to help you make use of the space you have – however big or small – with a little effort. We’ve scoured the year’s top trends in gardening and landscape design to come up with some budget-friendly ways to revamp your garden.

Browse our top 10 budget garden design ideas to help breathe new life into your outdoor space, without breaking the bank.

Time for a new coat

We’re all guilty of throwing things out if they’re not in fashion anymore, or if they’ve seen better days. Old, weather-worn garden furniture is a classic example of this – but you don’t need to spend a lot on a whole new set just because of a few chips or natural wearing.

You can revive your old garden bench, table or chair by refurbishing it. All it takes is a good sanding to smooth out any rough surfaces or chips and a lick of weatherproof wood paint or varnish and garden furniture can look as good as new – or even better.

Lighten up

Supplementing the extra natural light of summer and making up for the lack of it in winter, light-coloured chippings are a cost-effective way to brighten your garden. They’re perfect for creating a striking contrast with a lawn or planted area. They’re also great for forming the basis of a small seating area, if you want to show off your newly-refurbished garden furniture to full effect.


If you’re looking to spice up a landscaped area in your garden, replacing a gravel area with Cotswold cream chippings can create a summery vibe. They are a fantastic option if you want an easy-care, great-looking alternative to grass or paving.


Paving is saving

Cost-effective paving options are available for almost any budget – and they look great too. When you’re transforming your garden, it’s worth taking a look at any areas that could potentially be turned into seating or living areas. Introducing a paved section can be an easy way of creating a liveable space in your garden. It’s great for summer BBQs or just extra space for potted plants and other greenery without needing to spend time and money on the long-term upkeep of a lawn.


Our Utility Block Paving is perfect for those wanting high-quality, but low-cost paving. With a variety of colours to suit your garden, it can help create the perfect patio area for the summer.

Join the green team

Surprisingly inexpensive and something that can be enjoyed for many years to come, planting a small tree or some striking bushes is a brilliant budget garden idea. They can be bought and transported easily in pots and planted into any sized garden.

Ferns, a hardy palm or even a blossoming apple tree provide brilliant visuals to centre your garden design around, and there are numerous varieties to choose from. One thing to consider beforehand is the garden space you have to work with and how large the tree or bush will become once fully grown, so make sure you do your research first.


Pallet planting

Pallets and wooden planters have really sprung up in the past few years as a DIY gardener’s choice. Pallets and unused timber can be repurposed in so many creative ways. We also offer Woodstone sleepers, which replicate traditional wooden railway sleepers but with the durability of concrete if you’re looking for a readymade option.

Once you’ve bought the pallet, timber or sleepers, you can give them a coat of varnish if necessary and create an easy-access planting box for an aromatic herb garden or bright flowerbed.

Make things more edgy

If your slightly unkempt lawn is gradually creeping onto your pathway, it’s time to add some edging, and there are cost-effective ways to introduce edging which will instantly neaten up your garden.

Argent Textured Edging is a classically simple option to keep those lawn edges and flowerbeds in check. Or if you’re searching for a smooth, summery look, Round Top Edging can be applied to any area of the garden and restore some order to an outdoor area.


Add a flowering flourish

You don’t have to be flush to add a flash of colour to your garden. There are a huge variety of hardy colourful flowers, both exotic and domestic, that can provide a beautiful visual in your garden.

A rainbow of Aquilegias, bright orange Californian Poppies and vivid pink and purple Fuchsias are just a few options that could help extend the colour palette of your garden space. They’re a bit different from what you’d usually find in British gardens and can be picked up at good prices at your local garden centre. All you need to do is plant, water and enjoy the view.


Scrub up well

Cut those gardening costs and use a little elbow grease. Very often it seems that when patio paving or a garden path has been neglected and is looking dull, the immediate reaction is to dig them up and start again. But, it doesn’t have to be that way, especially when you’re working within a budget.

Cleaning your patio area doesn’t require a great deal of effort. With a little care and attention, paving slabs can look brand new. Check out our comprehensive guide on cleaning your patio area here.

Mulching around

Who’d have thought that mulch would be a great budget garden design idea? First of all, for those unfamiliar with mulch, it’s basically any material laid on top of soil. Think wood chippings, compost, grass clippings etc. It can be used to improve the appearance of flowerbeds and actually makes a really neat addition to a garden.

Best of all, it actually helps your plants too, as it decomposed and improves your soil’s fertility. Inexpensive and widely available, this option is both budget and garden-friendly.

Put your feet up

A wonderfully effective way to add some comfort and style to your garden, especially during summer, is bringing in good soft furnishings. Outdoor cushions and blankets can be picked up cheaply and can be arranged in any way you see fit. A great addition to soften low walling, add a bit of comfort to your garden furniture and provide a cosy nook for those warm summer nights.

Marshalls have a huge selection of garden ideas to suit all budgets. From edging and walling to garden accessories, you’re sure to find something that will add a touch of warmth to any outdoor area. Looking for some inspiration? We also offer practical advice on how to achieve your very own garden paradise – from budget patio ideas to garden wall and driveway inspiration, our experts will have you covered.


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