garden pebble ideas

Garden pebble ideas

Darius Negahbani Darius Negahbani Tuesday 11th April, 2017

If you’re looking for inspiration on how you can dress up your garden without spending a fortune or having to do too much work, why not try pebbles?

These decorative stones can fill entire areas or borders, or you could even create a rockery where pebbles and plants combine to create a feature in your garden. The options are endless. Here are a few garden pebble ideas to get you started.

All black everything

Nothing says contemporary like our midnight blue garden paving used alongside some black polished pebbles. Using black pebbles around the edge of your paving maintains a sleek and cool vibe that’s perfect for contrast against exotic plants. You could either get planting or introduce some pots.

A good plant to go for is a fancy grass to maintain the contemporary element of this look. Something like a Carex Comans alongside some Ghostlady Fern would really fit the bill.

Something in the water

If you’ve gone to the trouble of installing a water feature in your garden, you can make it even more eye-catching by jazzing it up with some natural pebbles.

A combination of Atlantic Pebbles in both available sizes looks great alongside some Atlantic Cobbles and Part Worn Boulders.

All of these garden pebble designs are fish-friendly for peace of mind if your water feature is part of your pond. If you haven’t yet installed a water feature but are considering one, you may want to build your own pebble fountain. Take a look at some of the materials that will help you pull it off.

Will you coordinate or contrast?

 An effective way to use slate to its full advantage is to contrast it with different sizes of pebble, such as slate in Plum alongside Atlantic pebbles and cobbles. Slate and pebbles are a great option for exotic types of plants as they heat up in the summer to provide insulation, then protect the plants from frost in the winter.

You won’t have too much weeding to do if you surround your plants with slate and pebbles either – adding practicality to your pebble garden design.

In the finer details

Pavesys patented paving system has been designed by Marshalls to be quicker and easier to install. Try combining it with the Drivesys Original Cobble and black polished pebbles to create a vibrant yet classical look.

 Adding an alpine element

 For a rockery garden try slate chippings and plum slate rockery stone. If you want to introduce alpine plants into your garden you need to add a variety of different rocks and slate in order to insulate the soil and provide plants with shade and good drainage.

The beauty of a rock garden is that you can keep adding to it and watch it change throughout the seasons while letting it remain relatively wild, plus it needs very little maintenance.

Garden pebble designs can transform a garden from ordinary to extraordinary without too much effort. You can either go all out with a statement piece or just add a few pieces here and there to complement existing features. Hopefully, these garden pebble ideas will inspire you and your outdoor space.

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