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The Marshalls Register: We’ve got you covered

Marshalls Plc Marshalls Plc Friday 8th April, 2016

When you have work done on your outdoor space, it isn’t only the products that you use that need to be of a high standard – but the workmen you trust with completing the job.

Your home is your sanctuary – the place not only where you should be at your most relaxed and content, but somewhere you should be proud to call your own. In the UK, we’re particularly proud of our homes and strive to maintain them at their most beautiful, applying our creativity to both our interiors and outdoor spaces.

When you’re investing in your home or garden, you choose the best materials you can afford and the most stunning products to bring your dreams to life. Having made the effort to research and select the look and finish you want, isn’t it vital that the people you choose to complete work for you should be of an equally high standard? Untrustworthy ‘cowboy’ workmen are a reality and can cause significant stress for homeowners, by making promises they can’t keep and delivering substandard, disappointing work.

Furthermore, issues with a patio installation may not present themselves for weeks or even months, by which time the cowboy has disappeared into the sunset with your hard earned cash.

That’s why we have established the Marshalls Register of Accredited Landscape Contractors and Driveway Installers. This is a definitive list of professional, capable and certified workmen who we vet and monitor so that we can assure you of their competence and performance. Recently, the Register has certified its 1000th member, another name that can deliver the excellent benefits we think you deserve. The high level of workmanship required means all those on the Register must prove themselves in terms of their costs, the guarantees they offer on work completed and their professional methods.

Using the Marshalls Register to select a local company you can rely on could save you thousands. When it comes to domestic landscaping jobs, only around 20% of the costs go on materials, with a huge 80% spent on labour. For peace of mind, you can choose a Marshalls-vetted crew and avoid the horrific situations others have found themselves in – for example, the couple who spent over £80,000 on a barn conversion only to be left homeless by a cowboy builder’s incompetence, or the pensioner charged £775,000 for repairs that actually left his home in a worse state than it had previously been. These high-profile cases along with TV shows dedicated to uncovering some of the worst offenders have certainly helped to curb the prevalence of disreputable building firms. But to be absolutely confident of your choice, the Marshalls Register is invaluable.

In fact, many of the names on the Register go beyond delivering a high standard of service and instead provide something really quite exceptional. That was the case with Genesis Construction & Landscapes, who won the ‘Best Engineering Achievement’ gong at the Marshalls Awards 2014. Genesis Construction & Landscapes is a Bury-St-Edmonds business run by Mike Long. Mike and his team won the accolade for their complete transformation of two acres belonging to Jason and Sarah Thorpe, a couple who were thrilled with their newly landscaped garden. Using Marshalls Fairstone Natural Slate, as well as Drivesett Argent Paving, Genesis Construction & Landscapes created a fantastic contemporary outdoor space. Winning one of Marshalls Awards is not easy – last year across just 11 categories, some 600 project submissions were made by more than 200 different firms.

To find the very best landscaping professionals in your area and enjoy the assurance of knowing your home and garden are in safe, capable hands, use the Marshalls Register and look after your most prized possession now and for years to come.

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