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Top five ways to make your garden enchanting

Marshalls Plc Marshalls Plc Wednesday 13th April, 2016

Could 2016 be the year you make your garden truly enchanting? Right now, we’re still in the cold throes of winter but spring will soon be here and, with it, the opportunity to redesign your garden afresh.

One of the most rewarding elements of gardening is the creative freedom you have to express yourself through plants, colour, texture and scent. More so than any other space, the garden is somewhere you can imprint your style and inspiration in so many ways, both temporary and long-lasting.

Here, we’re offering you a top five list of ideas that will give your garden that elusive ‘enchanted’ quality.


Create sections

If you’ve got a relatively large garden and you’d like to break it up into defined spaces, why not use quality paving to make your mark? Stepping stones or pebbled pathways can be used very effectively to create relaxed divisions between, for example, lawns, vegetable patches and seating areas.


Build an island bed

An island bed is simply a gorgeous bed of planting that can be viewed and accessed from every side. They add height and interest, and give gardeners extra space for the plants they love. The island can be any shape you please, from freeform ovals and kidney shapes to more structured rectangles and squares. Likewise, the style is up to you. Geometric and carefully planned or strewn with variation and allowed to run wild, an island bed always looks fab.


Think vertically

Vertical gardens, which lift plants away from ground level to adorn walls and other vertical surfaces, are very popular with gardeners who have limited space. However, there’s no reason why someone with a more substantial garden shouldn’t borrow inspiration from the micro-gardeners to create a touch of magic. If you’ve got an area that’s looking a little drab, a boring wall or plain doorway, use anything that comes to hand and cover it in lush greenery and bright blooms.


Add a focal point

Like a sitting room without a fireplace, a garden without a focal point can feel a little directionless. Simply by introducing one feature you can lift the entire garden and dramatically change its ambiance. For example, how about a vintage-style wrought iron arbour, a wishing well planted with beautiful flowers or even an elegant fountain?


Introduce new materials

One of the most effective materials for a British garden is bamboo, which brings with it a touch of eastern glamour and contrasts beautifully with the textures and colours more commonly used in our outdoor spaces. Bamboo is also fantastic for screening off unsightly areas and, because it’s a thirsty plant, it fares well during our wetter months so long as drainage is sufficient to protect its roots.


With so many products on the market and so much inspiration to be had, there’s no reason for your garden to stay the same year after year. By adding a few new ideas and being bold enough to mix things up, you can revive and reimagine your outdoor space with brilliant results.

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