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Our Guarantee to you

The Marshalls Register of Accredited Landscape Contractors and Driveway Installers is a national network of independent professional installers. They are not employed by Marshalls, but are strictly vetted and monitored by us to assess their levels of competence and performance.

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Professional Installation
The Marshalls Register of Accredited
Landscape Contractors & Driveway Installers

After all your inspiration, planning and investment, finding the right installer is essential, as you will rely on their advice, product knowledge and workmanship to achieve the desired end result.

The Marshalls Register of Accredited Landscape Contractors and Driveway Installers is a national network of recommended professionals. Although they are not employed by Marshalls, they agree to abide by our own installation guidelines and are all vetted by Marshalls assessors. Here is a link to the site assessment form that we use to monitor our registered members who are checked regularly by our network of regional assessors.

Marshalls recognises the vital part the installer plays in the correct installation of our products. We set up our Register of Accredited Contractors and Driveway Installers to ensure that customers buying our products enjoy peace of mind combined with the guarantee of a quality end product finished to the highest standards.

20% product, 80% installation

Did you know the question most frequently asked is "how much will it cost?" The majority of installation costs are usually ground preparation and labour. Opting for a premium quality paving won't significantly increase the overall cost, so choose the best you can afford.

The Best in the Business

We recognise the vital part installers play in the correct installation of our products. The Directory of Installers list the credentials of each independent professional alongside examples of their work and any special skills so that you can choose an appropriate shortlist.


We hold an annual competition where Members submit examples of their work in a number of categories which are then judged for regional and national awards.

Customer Service

Awarded to Accredited Marshalls Register Members through the submission of customer feedback questionnaires which are reviewed and evaluated by us.


The Design Award is awarded where a Marshalls Register Member has demonstrated that they have the ability to offer design services to customers.


We assess certain skills & capabilities that members have demonstrated in specialist areas these are reviewed periodically by us to ensure that the skills are current.


Awarded where a Register Member has gained a recognised qualification. These are verified periodically to ensure the qualification is current.

Choosing an Accredited Local Installer

When you use a Register member, you can be sure to receive:

  • Written confirmation of any quotation
  • An estimated start date
  • A reasonable estimate of the time required to do the job
  • Always request written quotations. We recommend more than one as service levels vary and the cheapest is not always the best. Make sure each company quotes on a like-for-like basis.
  • Opportunity to take the Hard Landscape Guarantee. this covers failure of the product for 10 years and the workmanship for 5 years more.
  • Appoint the Marshalls Register Installer with whom you feel most comfortable, and best suited to your project requirements.
  • Cheapest is not always best.
  • A copy of their most recent Marshalls assessment. View this sample of the members site assessment form.

How to Spot a Cowboy

If they come knocking because they 'just happen to be in the area' - be wary. Genuine Marshalls Register Installers will never cold call. If they claim to be genuine Marshalls Register Installers, check with us, or use our installer search by county to validate who they are.

If they say they can 'start tomorrow' - be wary.

Reputable installers are in demand and may require several weeks' notice.

Never accept a verbal estimate.

Insist on a written quotation. Quotes should be written on headed paper with an address and telephone number, not just a mobile number.

If you accept the quote, request written confirmation.

A 'cowboy' will be reluctant to do this, however a written contract is essential.

Examples of our installers' work

Brodie & Hickin Landscapes

Examples of our installers' work: Brodie & Hickin Landscapes

The Marshalls Hard Landscape Guarantee

Only a Marshalls Register Installer can offer you the unique Marshalls Hard Landscape Guarantee. The guarantee protects your investment with a level of cover unmatched by any other company (subject to terms):

  • Covers material defects for a full 10 years and materials produced with Surface Performance Technology for a further 10 years
  • Covers installation defects for 5 years
  • Is valid even if the Installer ceases trading
  • Is index-linked, to protect your investment against inflation
  • Is issued only when inspected and signed as satisfactory by you, the customer
  • Upon receipt of the correctly completed request form and fee, Marshalls will send your guarantee within 5 days
  • Is great value at just £50 (+VAT) per £5,000 of the installed value