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How to clean block paving

Darius Negahbani Darius Negahbani Monday 10th August, 2015

If you’re looking for advice and help on the best way to clean block paving and maintain your driveway or patio, then look no further! Hello and welcome to the first post in a series of four, which will tell you everything you need to know to keep your Marshalls driveway or patio in tip top condition.


  • A good clean with a broom and strong detergent.
  • Apply a weed preventative between joints of your block paving.
  • If using a power washer, it should be angled at 30°and sprayed diagonally on a medium pressure.
  • Make sure all cleaning product has been rinsed away.
  • Re-sand or re-point any joints if necessary.


  • Different stains and spillages require different treatments.
  • The application of any treatment should be carried out on a small section of the affected area first, with manufacturer’s instructions strictly followed.
  • Try to identify the source of the staining (e.g rust from iron gutters) and repair it.  This will prevent  any further staining to your paving.
  • We have advise on how to remove and treat the following stains – moss, algae, rust, grease, oil, paint , tyre marks and more.


  • Wear protective clothing.
  • Ensure there is sufficient ventilation is when using chemicals.
  • Whilst using chemicals, extra care has to be taken to avoid damaging or staining adjoining material.
  • Whilst diluting acids, remember to always add acid to water and not water to acid.
  • Any clothes that have been stained with chemicals need to be safely disposed of.
  • Safeguard the operating area so that there are no hazards for those working in the surrounding areas.
  • Any excess run off material must be safely disposed of.


After initial installation, any product containing cement may exhibit a temporary white discolouration known as efflorescence.  This is not a product fault and will gradually disappear with exposure to natural weathering and trafficking.

  • Wash the designated area with a propriety biodegradable citric acid based cleaner. It may be necessary to repeat this treatment depending on the severity of the efflorescence and localised conditions
  • Chemical methods of removal should never be used on clay products.
  • Wire brushes should not be used for cleaning the clay paving surface.

This first post will cover a few simple general and initial maintenance tasks that will help to prolong the life of your purchase.

Initial Block Paving Maintenance
• For the first few weeks after being laid, the joints between a block paved surface will be relatively porous. Ingress of water from rain or other sources will consolidate the jointing sand and even flush it out (particularly on sloping sites). It is important that these joints are topped up with jointing sand to prevent damage to your driveway.

General Block Paving Maintenance
• A general clean at the start of Spring with a stiff broom and a good detergent followed by the application of a proprietary weed preventative restricts the ingress of weeds between joints which can affect the long-term durability of your patio/driveway

• If you use a power washer to clean your patio/driveway, the water jet should be angled at no more than 30° to the paved surface and sprayed diagonal across the joints. Cleaning blok paving drives by using a power washer that is too powerful (we advise no more than a medium pressure) and not adhering to this advice may mark the surface of some paving materials and break up the jointing material (Re-sand and re-point any damaged joints).

• When using any cleaning product, you must ensure it is thoroughly rinsed from the surface and channelled to suitable drainage points. Once this has been done, inspect the integrity of all the paving joints, and re-sand or re-point any damaged joints as necessary.

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