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Stanton Moor Split Faced Walling

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Stanton Moor split faced sandstone walling is suitable for a variety of schemes whether new build, self build, extensions or renovation projects.

Split face walling has a flatter surface texture leaving a raw cropped face on the stone. Due to the intrinsic nature of the sedimentary rocks, a convex of concaved face is common. This can result in some variation of bed width.

Stanton Moor sandstone split face walling is available in standard sizes - 65mm, 140mm and 215mm. All units are of random length (150mm-500mm).

Manufacturing tolerances:

A: Length: Random

B: Height:± 5mm

C: Width: 10mm ± 15mm

Measurements relate to front to rear bed line, and do not take into account any concave or convex deviation.

All components are based on a 10mm joint.

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