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PAS rated Giove Protective Planter

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The Bellitalia PAS rated Large Giove Protective Planter provides an elegant solution for introducing planting tothe public realm. Fitted with our innovative RhinoGuard technology, the Giove features a large 1,224litre capacity and is designed to accommodate the root ball of a tree.

The planter is cast from a mix of concrete and fine Italian marble aggregates sourced from specific regions of Italy. The use of high quality natural marble ensures long term colour consistency, meaning that the colour of the planter will not fadeover time. Each planter is polished during manufacture to leave a smooth surface, then treated with a protective varnish and polished further to provide a sleek, glossy finish.

Vehicle: Un-laden 7.5 tonne two axle rigid N3 lorry
Vehicle Speed: 50mph (80km/h)
PAS68 Classification Code: V/7500(N3)/80/90:3.5/35.5

Test Results: The vehicle was completely immobilised, eliminating the chance of a second attack.

Download a 3D Sketch Up model here

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