Curves in a square garden
pavex with fairstone setts and linear

Curves in a square garden


A completely redesigned and restructured patio to create a modern, low-maintenance garden at the rear of the property. Circles and curves were introduced to soften what was originally an angular square plot. The use of Fairstone Linear Paving within the Fairstone Sett circles allows for a really nice contrast of straight lines and curves. The rendered walls provide a fantastic contrast and really adds to the subtle natural colour variations of the Fairstone products. The use of a circular/curved grass area is spmething that is interesting about this project. Grass is often seen as a necessity when designing and planning a garden, but can be over looked as an actual design element. In this garden the curvature of the grass line bordered with Marshalls Fairstone Setts really does soften the angular shape of the garden and allow for a natural flow throughout the garden.

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