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SYMPHONY Vitrified Paving

SYMPHONY Vitrified Paving

Combining fantastic strength and technical consistency, the SYMPHONY range is a great choice for customers needing flags that look great and stay looking great. SYMPHONY is a vitrified paving material, meaning that it absorbs little or no moisture, offering few opportunities for moss and algae to grow.

Available in a range of authentic appearances and textures; SYMPHONY paving promotes a stylish and contemporary appearance that will appeal to homeowners of all property types.

SYMPHONY Vitrified Paving is available in eleven colours and several finishes including the new plank paving that perfectly recreates the colours and textures of wooden planks.

  • Technically very strong and less prone to staining or algae and moss growth
  • Available in a selection of sizes including modular and random length project packs
  • Supplied with a specially designed jointing compound, in a choice of buff or grey colour

SYMPHONY Vitrified Paving is one of our vitrified paving products within our garden paving range.


Sizes, Colours and technical information for our SYMPHONY Vitrified Paving

Product Colours and Sizes

Colour Size * Coverage m2
Blauw SYMPHONY Blauw 595x595x20 23.04
SYMPHONY Blauw 595x1192x20 18.44
SYMPHONY Blauw Project Pack 16.89
Basalt SYMPHONY Basalt 595x595x20 23.04
SYMPHONY Basalt Project Pack 16.16
SYMPHONY Basalt 1192x595x20 18.72
Dark SYMPHONY Dark 595x595x20 23.04
SYMPHONY Dark 395x795x20 15.36
SYMPHONY Dark Project Pack 16.16
Barley SYMPHONY Barley Project Pack 16.16
SYMPHONY Barley 595x595x20 23.04
SYMPHONY Barley 395x795x20 15.36
Buff SYMPHONY Buff 595x595x20 23.04
SYMPHONY Buff 395x795x20
SYMPHONY Buff Project Pack 16.16
Rustic SYMPHONY Rustic 595x595x20 23.04
SYMPHONY Rustic 395x795x20 15.36
SYMPHONY Rustic Project Pack 16.16
Copper SYMPHONY Copper 595x1192x20 18.72
SYMPHONY Copper 595x595x20 23.04
SYMPHONY Copper Project Pack 16.89
Grey SYMPHONY Grey 595x595x20 23.04
SYMPHONY Grey 395x795x20 15.36
SYMPHONY Grey Project Pack 16.16
Blue SYMPHONY Blue 595x1192x20 18.72
SYMPHONY Blue 595x595x20 23.04
SYMPHONY Blue Project Pack 16.89
Ecru Symphony 595x595x20 Ecru
Symphony 595x1192x20 Ecru
Symphony Project Pack Sigma Ecru (16.89m2)
Ivory Symphony 595x595x20 Ivory
Symphony 595x1192x20 Ivory
Symphony Project Pack Sigma Ivory (16.89m2)
Black Symphony 595x595x20 Black
Symphony 395x795x20 Black
Symphony Project Pack Beta Black (16.16m2)
Senna SYMPHONY Senna 595x895x20 21.6
SYMPHONY Senna 595x595x20 23.04
SYMPHONY Senna Project Pack 16.89
Umber SYMPHONY Umber 595x895x20 21.6
SYMPHONY Umber 595x895x20 23.04
SYMPHONY Umber Project Pack 16.89

* Sizes shown are Length x Width x Thickness

Product Reference: WEBFA921000

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Laying Patterns and Designs for SYMPHONY Vitrified Paving

Hover over the link to view the laying pattern / design, alternatively click to open as a PDF.

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Why choose SYMPHONY Vitrified Paving?

  • Product longevity is excellent
  • Offers a range of authentic appearances and textures
  • Combines fantastic strength and technical consistency
  • Jointing compound included with every pack

Extended guarantee available  

Marshalls Hard Landscape Guarantee covers material defects for a full 10 years, materials produced with Surface Performance Technology for a further 10 years and covers installation defects for 5 years - Only available via a Marshalls Registered installer.
* Excludes Richmond paving, Pendle paving, Weatherpoint and Always Green artificial grass.


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