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Slate Chippings

Slate Chippings

To enhance the aesthetic of a patio or driveway, choose colourful slate chippings from Marshalls.

Slate chippings are available in three natural colours to suit any property type, which can be used individually or in different combinations. Whichever way you use them, they add an inviting, original and individual touch to your garden design.

In their larger 40mm format, plum slate chippings make a useful material for ground cover, while slate in the smaller size – 20mm - is an attractive addition to rockeries or garden borders.

Blue slate chippings can create an imaginative and interesting border mixed with other coloured chippings - the dark hue sets off the green and plum tones in our wider collection. Even a monocolour scheme can revitalise a garden, while green slate chippings are ideal for those who want to tie their garden design in with natural surroundings.

As we source from various quarries, chippings may vary slightly in size and colour, only adding to their aesthetics. Get in touch to find out more.

Create beautiful and unique outdoor spaces with our chippings and decorative aggregates.

  • Available in three natural colours, blue, plum and green.
  • Multiple colours can be blended together to create a desirable aesthetic.
  • Sourcing from various quarries means that chippings will vary slightly in size and colour.

Slate Chippings is one of our decorative aggregates products within our garden accessories range.


Sizes, Colours and technical information for our Slate Chippings

Product Colours and Sizes

Colour Size *
Blue Slate Slate Chippings 30-50mm Blue Bulk Bag
Plum Slate Slate Chippings 5-30mm Plum Bulk Bag
Slate Chippings 30-50mm Plum Bulk Bag

* Sizes shown are Length x Width x Thickness

Product Reference: WEBFA080010

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Why choose Slate Chippings?

  • Choice of 3 colours
  • 2 sizes available
  • Available in 20kg poly bags
  • Fish friendly
  • Available in 900kg bulk bags
  • Suitable for almost any landscaping design

Extended guarantee available  

Marshalls Hard Landscape Guarantee covers material defects for a full 10 years, materials produced with Surface Performance Technology for a further 10 years and covers installation defects for 5 years - Only available via a Marshalls Registered installer.
* Excludes Richmond paving, Pendle paving, Weatherpoint and Always Green artificial grass.


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