Date published 2 July 2020

In the UK, the majority of the highest age-standardised COVID-19 mortality rates recorded have been in the London boroughs, such as Newham, Brent and Hackney. In the midst of the pandemic, we’re thankful for the amazing job the NHS have been doing. As a thank you, we’ve donated a selection of our street furniture products to the Newham Hospital.

As well as other companies, this was created in the hospitals tranquillity gardens as a way of thanking hospital staff and commemorating those across the UK who have sadly lost their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The garden project involved the revitalising of a new courtyard and other outdoor spaces, to create a relaxing environment for all. Working alongside the hospital and other reputable companies, we were able to provide a peaceful oasis for frontline workers, patients and visitors. Accompanying the new planters and trellises, we’ve donated our Waterside, M3 seating and Academy benches from our Landscape Protection collection.