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Longfloor Screed

November 2022 saw one of the first installations of our latest cementitious flowing screed innovation - Longfloor screed.

Launched by Marshalls last month, this advanced new screed product is the perfect companion for all underfloor heating systems, with optimal thermal conductivity properties to minimise energy costs and maximise heat output.

To find out more about the product, we met with our Area Sales Manager for Yorkshire, Steve Housecroft, and Lee Shaw from Longfloor, at the Marshalls’ Howley Park manufacturing facility. We then joined long standing customer Nick Barrett, from Express Screed, to watch the first ‘live pour’ at a local site in Wakefield.

So Steve, can you tell us a bit more about the product, what makes Longfloor screed different to anything else on the market?

‘The key technical differences impact both the installation process and durability. We use special additives and an integral curing agent, which means our Longfloor screed can be used without a curing spray.

‘The advanced formulation offers both speed and ease of installation. It’s super quick drying, and typically cures in under half the time of traditional screeding solutions. With Longfloor, the floor is ready to receive any non-moisture sensitive floor finish in just 7 to 14 days.

‘As an added benefit, Longfloor screed is laitance free, and is compatible with all primers, grouts and adhesives.’

You talked a lot about quality there, but how do Marshalls make sure we achieve the right standard, every time?

‘Getting the perfect balance in every screed mix is really essential to prevent shrinkage cracking in the flooring substrate.

‘Adding too much water into the mix could easily damage the screed as it’s setting, so getting the water content right is paramount and this starts with moisture tests being carried out on the sands before the batching process starts.

‘To make sure we get the final right, we undertake really rigorous checks at every stage of the manufacturing, delivery and installation process to minimise the risks.

‘For every order we receive, we carry out ‘live’ flow tests at the plant, this will guarantee the right consistency and spread when leaving the plant.’

Flow testing on site at Howley Park

‘Prism samples are also taken each time our product is produced. These are then sent off to our in-house laboratory in Elland, West Yorkshire. Here, our technicians test for both compressive and flexural strength.

‘For domestic applications such as this one, we supply screed with a compressive strength of 25 Newtons per mm2 (C25/N2 specification), and provide a 6 Newton per mm2 flexural strength.’

Prism samples ready to be sent to the Marshalls testing facility

And for site specific testing, how does this work in practice?

‘In essence we repeat the same process once we arrive on site.

‘Our support team start the initial screed flow, then we check the mix together with our customer.

‘We take extra supplies in the Marshalls carrier so on the rare occasion the consistency is too stiff, we can add additional water as required.’

Customer Nick Barrett takes a sample of the mix prior to testing the screed along with the Marshalls technical team

And from your perspective Nick, does this make the installation smoother for you?

‘Yes without doubt. The testing and quality checks are really important to get the mix right. When we’re installing, time is of the essence so prompt delivery and perfect consistency are key.

‘At Express Screed, we design, supply and fit complete flooring solutions, from underfloor heating and screed overlay to floor coverings, and we schedule each stage in to allow for curing time.

‘I use Marshalls because I get the levels of service I need to manage programmes of works across multiple residential schemes in tandem.

‘Our projects need to be delivered on time and to budget, with no shrinkage issues, so I need to work with a trusted supplier who won’t let me or my customers down.

‘With Marshalls, I get deliveries direct to site in a specified time window, which makes managing projects pain free.’

Nick Barrett laying Longfloor screed on site in Wakefield, West Yorkshire

To find out more about our Longfloor screed, visit our product page or contact your local Marshalls account manager.
Longfloor Screed
Longfloor Screed
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