Modal paving

Modal Paving - For whatever mode you're in

Modal paving

For whatever mode you're in

Experience the versatility of Modal, our new flagship commercial paving collection. Blend Modal’s 10 contemporary colours, 11 sizes and smooth and textured finishes let you create your own inspiring spaces. See what the experts are saying about Modal paving and explore the possibilities.

Modal paving supports Marshalls continued support to British manufacturing and being proud members of Made In Britain, giving our customers the peace of mind that what we deliver is the right quality, in the right way and never too far away from their building site, residential space or landscape project.

Made in Britain

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The expert view on Modal

Watch what industry experts have to say about specifying, designing and installing Modal Paving. Hear how Modal is being used in today’s schemes, with added value from Marshalls’ 360° support service.


Explore the versatility and flexibility of the full Modal Paving range and create even better spaces.

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