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MOTIS Structures are exactly what you want them to be.

The structures are made from a flexible set of standard structural elements that are used to create structures and shelters presented alongside a suite of complementary street furniture and lighting.

A modular system of standard parts combines in limitless permutations to create cantilevered and gull-wing shelters, waiting rooms, and retail, ticket or information kiosks.

Components may be finished in their natural state or painted for location identity whilst ensuring budgetary restrictions are met. They can also be clad with an attractive suite of aluminium profiles for enhanced appearance and utility. Cladding profiles act as branding devices, ducts for power or data cables, locations for integrated lighting and signage and can protect the vulnerable areas of structures from vandalism.

The MOTIS structures can allow for integrated lighting and traditional and digital signage systems to assist travellers with wayfinding and passenger information.

MOTIS structures allow the specification of cost effective, high-quality, tailored facilities from a set of standard components. The result is a flexible system that offers style, practicality and functionality at a known cost and shorter manufacturing programme than bespoke designs.

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