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Marshalls at the Forefront of Urban Drainage Systems

This year’s devastating floods brought us all a reminder of the importance of protecting our homes and ensuring they stand up to the elements. This is why Marshalls, the UK’s leading hard landscaping company, is this year extending its new permeable paving solutions for the domestic driveway market.

In built up environments nearly 95% of rainfall is making its way directly into drains, placing huge pressures on drainage systems. Marshalls’ new Priora and Grassguard ranges of permeable domestic driveway and grass grid systems have both been designed to enable surface water to drain into the environment rather than into the hard pressed sewer systems in times of heavy rainfall.

Priora – permeable domestic block paving driveway solution

The unique patented design of the Priora block creates voids at the joints allowing surface water to pass naturally through into a specially calibrated sub-base without compromising the integrity of the driveway while substantially reducing the risk of pollution and flooding in the sewer systems.

Marshalls’ Priora range is available in Tegula and Driveline 50 finishes.

The popular Tegula traditional, tumbled kerb has a new colour addition in Pennant Grey. Providing increased design flexibility coordinating with key driveway products, the Tegula Kerb range will be further expanded by introducing radial and internal and external return blocks providing increased versatility for installers.

Driveline 50 is Britain’s most popular block paver and an ideal style choice for budget-conscious families. The grey-multi blend of charcoal, grey and buff co-ordinates well with any charcoal features and will tone with almost any house type. What’s more, Driveline 50 is the more sustainable option, with 39% less carbon now used in its production than standard block paving.

Grassguard – permeable grass grid for domestic hard standing areas

An innovative and sustainable alternative to traditional concrete block paving, Grassguard has an open grid pattern that allows grass to grow through the blocks giving a ‘green’ option for driveways and hard standing areas in front gardens. Grass can be cut and maintained as a conventional lawn hiding the concrete. Ideal for that second car parking space, Grassguard doubles as lawn when not in use. The grid pattern enables water to drain through the grass into the ground rather than into drains and root growth binds the slabs and the base materials together, progressively improving their load-carrying capability and providing the structure with its strength.