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Marshalls offer a solution to dangerous paving

Is there a solution to reducing the risk of pedestrian trip hazards due to failing and cracked pavements?

Recent media reports have thrown the spotlight onto the issue of how Councils are paying out thousands in compensation due to cracked or failing paving throughout the UK. A pioneering solution to this problem has been developed by the UK’s market leader in pavement design and technology.

Marshalls plc has for many years been at the cutting edge of paving design and manufacture, constantly striving to produce paving products which are aesthetically pleasing, durable but most importantly, reduce the risk of slip or trip hazards due to cracked or broken paving.

With these concerns in mind, Marshalls has conducted extensive research into new innovations for pavement design, working in partnership with local authorities and contractors to deliver a cohesive pavement design solution.

The introduction of Marshalls’ Fibre Reinforced Paving (FRP) range was developed to counteract these problems and the range has been successfully installed on many projects across the UK. The paving is ‘reinforced’ with fibres which effectively delays and holds together the paving when cracking occurs due to excessive loading. The flag will continue to perform as a single unit, thereby reducing the risk of pedestrian trip hazards.

Utilising patented STRUX™ 90/40 fibre technology, Marshalls’ Fibre Reinforced Paving offers increased resistance to failure from impact or overloading as a result of vehicle overrun. The synthetic fibre reinforcement means the toughness of the concrete flag is vastly increased when compared to standard paving but also ensures that - when the paving does begin to crack – the natural adhesion of the fibres holds the pieces together and the flags continue to perform as if no failure had taken place.

Alison Howard, Commercial Product Manager comments:

“Aside from long term performance benefits and significantly reduced maintenance and reinstatement costs, Marshalls’ Fibre Reinforced Paving also ensures the aesthetics of a paved area are maintained with no cracking, spalling or failure visible to the user. This removes the danger of the broken, twisted or uneven flags which can often cause trip hazards, and leads to a safer, more pleasing and fully functioning paved area.”

Marshalls’ Fibre Reinforced Paving also offers benefits to the contractor as it involves no additional handling or construction costs when compared to standard paving, is significantly lighter and easier to handle than steel-reinforced alternatives and is easily integrated with non-reinforced products where necessary.

Marshalls are committed to ensuring all their products meet with strict health and safety regulations and they utilise their industry experience and technical expertise to deliver safer and practical solutions to transform the UK’s landscapes.

For more information on Fibre Reinforced Paving and other Marshalls’ innovations, please see the Marshalls plc website