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Marshalls Unveil Its Inspirational New Products For 2009

Once again, the UK’s leading hard landscaping manufacturer is introducing an inspirational collection of new ranges and product enhancements to its portfolio that will keep it the number one choice for consumers, contractors & merchants alike.

Embracing all aspects of hard landscape design - paving, concrete block paving, permeable paving and walling - all these products have been produced to the highest standards by the most up to date methods in manufacturing.

One of the defining characteristics which has kept Marshalls as market leader is listening to customers and meeting their changing needs and aspirations. In fact, every Marshalls’ new product is successfully researched with customers and installers before it is introduced into the market.

That is why, the Marshalls brand, remains three times more likely to be recalled, unprompted, by consumers than any of its rival brands. Meaning merchants & contractors have a proven confidence in choosing, proposing and installing its products year after year after year.

Marshalls has led the development of sustainable urban drainage system (SUDs) solutions for the domestic market.

With the recent announcement by the Government that from 1st October 2008 the permitted development rights for domestic front gardens have been changed, Marshalls welcomed the balanced approach set out in the legislation. It is also fully committed to offering its consumers unrivalled choice and quality and will continue to innovate in this area to bring the very latest technology combined with outstanding landscaping designs to the domestic market.

Earlier this year Marshalls introduced 3 new SUDS products into the driveways market, Priora, Tegula Priora and Grassgaurd. These combine to offer householders 10 colour and texture options and most importantly are produced using Marshalls special low carbon production technology which delivers a 39% reduction in the products carbon footprint.

In January 2009 Marshalls will add yet another permeable paving product to its range, the contemporary Argent Priora. With this product range Marshalls believes that it has the UK’s most comprehensive SUDS and permeable paving product proposition.

It is also leading the industry in the training of installers on permeable installations. From early this year the company has offered free training to its Marshalls Register of Approved Landscape Contractors & Driveway Installers in the design and installation of permeable paving.

Marshalls continues to set benchmarks for proper conduct in the landscaping industry. Corporate social responsibility plays an ever more integral role in business and provides a compelling example for the future of landscaping. Business initiatives underway include environmental performance, values and ethics, sustainability, working with communities and empowering its staff.

Marshalls leads this position in the industry and achieves success in business by selling products with integrity and treating customers and suppliers fairly. New products and services are constantly being developed to meet the social and environmental requirements of the UK’s landscapes.

Marshalls is committed to reducing the amount of carbon produced as a result of its operations. This involves researching, developing and implementing new, environmentally friendlier, innovative mix designs used in the manufacture of our leading product range – plus concerted action in sourcing materials responsibly and in reviewing manufacturing, logistical and administration processes.

As part of this initiative Marshalls is a pilot partner with The Carbon Trust, to calculate the embodied carbon emissions of its domestic product range and reduce carbon emissions.

Marshalls announced recently the labelling of 503 of its Domestic paving products, making it the largest official carbon labelling program ever undertaken in the world by one company for its products.

It has now been several years since this forward thinking company was the first business in the industry to join the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and is still, to date, the only hard landscaping manufacturer to achieve full compliance with the ETI Base Code in its Indian and Chinese supply chains.

Marshalls’ supply chain strategy follows the ETI Base Code, which is itself based on International Labour Organisations conventions, for example:

• No-one should be forced to work

• Workers should be able to join and form trade unions

• Working conditions should be safe and healthy

• Child labour shall not be used

• Working hours should not be excessive

• Wages should be enough to live on and provide some discretionary income

The organisation will also build on its activity with Indian NGO, Hadoti Hast Shilp

Sansthan, which focuses on improving conditions for workers and the local community.

Marshalls 2009 New Products & Enhancements

Driveline 50 Vintage –

A new twist to the classical block paver

Marshalls Driveline 50 Vintage is a new twist on what can only be described as Britain’s favourite concrete block paver.

Proven through time for its quality, durability and cost effectiveness the new Driveline 50 Vintage range now continues the same family legacy but with a significant new dimension.

Sympathetically distressed to give a soft unique rustic feel this new range is bound to be an instant hit for those who want an alternative to the original & popular proven product.

The colours are pleasingly unique too, giving a new depth and tone to a well recognised palette comprising Brindle, Burnt Ochre & Charcoal; chosen to blend seamlessly with a multiplicity of dwellings.

Installed in those long-established traditional patterns so familiar to contractors it will soon become a favourite option for almost any path or driveway.


200 x 100 x 50mm



Burnt Ochre


Argent Priora –

The contemporary permeable paver

Argent Priora has the pioneering engineering of the Marshalls’ domestic sustainable urban drainage solution (SUDs) combined with cutting edge looks.

The precisely exposed granite aggregate facia of Argent and the environmental benefits of Priora have been combined perfectly to create the permeable block paving for a wide range of property styles.

Argent Priora can be used in a front garden in compliance with the Government’s Future Water guidelines for permeable paving installations. The unique patented design of the Argent Priora block creates voids at the joints allowing surface water to pass naturally through into a specially calculated sub-base without compromising the integrity of the driveway & substantially reducing the risk of pollution and flooding.

Argent Priora is available in mixed packs for random course installation creating the benefits of less wastage and potential cost savings. Offered in the full range of Argent’s existing colour range of Graphite, Light & Dark it further enhances the largest available domestic permeable paving proposition from one company,


Featured services:

Installation and suitability guidance will be provided to purchasers.

Full training is offered free of charge for Marshalls Register Installers





Sizes (Mixed Pack):

240 x 160 x 50mm

160 x 160 x 50mm

80 x 160 x 50mm

Haworth Moor Antique Indian Sandstone Paving –

A quality, timeless appeal from ethical sources

Haworth Moor Antique Sandstone Paving is another exciting new addition to Marshalls’ premium natural stone collection, Haworth Moor Sandstone Paving, Walling & Setts.

Bestowed with all the enduring qualities and timeless appeal of the existing portfolio, Haworth Moor Antique Paving offers a new, distinctive, matured aesthetic radiating pure quality.

Suitably introduced in a classical setting, it will fuse both hard and soft landscaping to create the perfect panorama. Available in a discerning colour palette of Silver Birch Multi, Autumn Bronze Multi, Golden Sand Multi and a new Silver Limestone Multi, the hardest decision will be which one to choose.

Presented in 16sqm project packs containing 8 sizes of paving, Haworth Moor Antique gives incessant installation opportunities for the consumer. It is further supported with the option of either a two or three ring circle & squaring off kits.

Haworth Moor Sandstone is specially graded Indian Sandstone which is processed and supplied from an independently ethically proven source in India that is in compliance with the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code.


Silver Birch Multi

Autumn Bronze Multi

Golden Sand Multi

Silver Limestone Multi


Calibrated to a thickness of 25mm

2 & 3 ring circle

Squaring off kits

Project Pack:

16sqm project pack containing 8 sizes of paving

Sizes Per Pack:

845 x 560 x 25mm

702 x 560 x 25mm

560 x 560 x 25mm

560 x 422 x 25mm

560 x 275 x 25mm

422 x 422 x 25mm

422 x 275 x 25mm

275 x 275 x 25mm

Unique New Paving Range –

Launching in January 2009

Marshalls will be announcing a ground breaking improvement to its paving range with the introduction of a versatile, brand new paver with some unique characteristics that will benefit customers in 2009.

Look out for the exciting details in the 2009 Marshalls Landscape products brochure available in January direct from Marshalls or through our stockists - nationwide.

Eclipse Granite Paving -

Cool & contemporary with even more sizes to inspire you

The coolest look in hard landscaping material, Marshalls Eclipse Granite, has just got cooler.

The contemporary rugged beauty of Marshalls Eclipse natural granite paving has always been one to desire. Its tonal qualities, depth of colour and cutting edge aesthetics have seen it used in exquisitely designed gardens around the UK.

To enhance its appeal, Marshalls is introducing three new additional sizes to the range. Representing today’s designer needs for increased flexibility of installation and looks.

These new sizes are offered in Eclipse Granite’s colour palette of Light, Dark & Graphite and available in a project pack format with consistent thickness for a seamless installation.





Project Pack:

18sqm project pack containing 3 sizes of paving

Size & No. per pack:

600 x 600 x 30mm 24

600 x 300 x 30mm 35

300 x 300 x 30mm 34

Firedstone Paving -

New contemporary colour, Dusk

Inspired from leading contemporary landscape design, Marshalls has taken its unique Firedstone Paving to a new dimension with the introduction of another seductive colour – Dusk.

Reminiscent of flame textured stone, the new Dusk will provide a fresh palette for this popular textured paver. The modish tone is also perfectly matched to integrate a range of specialist detailing from setts to edging.




600 x 600 x 38mm

600 x 300 x 38mm

300 x 300 x 38mm

Natural Slate Paving -

New project packs

Marshalls Natural Slate Paving’s versatility and durability has always made it an excellent choice for outdoor and indoor living. Its rich aesthetics give reassuring warmth and feel underfoot that you know is going to be enjoyed for years to come.

Available in two stunning natural shades Dark Jade & Midnight Blue, Marshalls Natural Slate Paving is now available in an 18sqm Project Pack that delivers a combination of style and design options on installation.


Dark Jade

Midnight Blue

Project Pack:

18sqm project pack containing 3 sizes of paving:

Size & No. per pack

600 x 600 x 20mm 24

600 x 300 x 20mm 35

300 x 300 x 20mm 34

Heritage Sharp Face Walling -

Versatile walling in sizes to suit all requirements

Beautifully crafted to capture the aesthetics and appearance of natural sandstone, Marshalls Heritage Sharp Face Walling will balance delightfully with a myriad of patio, driveway and house types.

Created from a carefully selected blend of hand picked aggregates, the new

Heritage Sharp Face Walling range possesses all the advantages of modern materials technology. Marshalls’ latest wet-cast production expertise guarantees

Heritage Sharp Face Walling is produced with consistent and high technical performance characteristics and is not subject to deterioration by either the ingress of grime, dirt or frost attack ensuring it will look good for years to come.

The new range will be available in two time-honoured colours, Yorkstone and

Calder Brown, with complementary copings and caps. It is offered in two easy to install project packs and is sure to become an established favourite with the designer, installer and most importantly the homeowner.



Calder Brown

Project Pack A

4.8sqm project pack containing 4 sizes

Sizes & No. per pack

190 x 100 x 65mm

215 x 100 x 65mm

240 x 100 x 65mm

290 x 100 x 65mm

Project Pack B

6.08sqm project pack containing 5 sizes

Sizes & No. per pack

190 x 100 x 140mm

215 x 100 x 140mm

240 x 100 x 140mm

290 x 100 x 140mm

365 x 100 x 140mm